Friday, November 12, 2004

Dear Diary Friday....

Mood....again, relieved.

Okay, went into work this morning at 5:15, knowing I would be the only one in the building and opening it for everyone else. Imagine MY surprise when I went into our office, the lights were on, the door was wide open, the alarm was off AND NOBODY WAS THERE. Yeah, it was a good way to start off the morning.

I stayed until 9:00 and left. By that time, Dylan had taken Ragen to the doctor. I picked up the folks and headed for my Daddy's appointment. Several hours later, I am now home. They did find a polyp in my Dad, like I knew they would, but the doctor is 99.9% sure it is non-cancerous. Ragen, on the other hand, is having a bad night. Her surgery went well, no complications, but she is groggy, stumbling around in her room, not feeling very well. I just gave her a dose of pain killer and I am hoping it knocks her out for the night. The other good news is that Spooky is ALMOST back to his obnoxious self. He is sitting on my lap right now trying to help me type.

All in all, a day full of stress, but ending on a very relieved note. Thank you to all of my friends for your well wishes and energy....especially my Chet and Shane who first hand know what I went through today....I love you both very much.

And much, much, MUCH energy to Toni with her impending decision.....again....PARTIAL HYSTERECTOMY. I know whatever decision you make, will be the right one, and you know I will be there to take care of you and bring you pansies, my friend.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday....


I stayed home today because our baby, Spooky, has just not been acting himself. Since he got fixed on October 29th, he has gone from being a spunky pain in the ass, to a cat who I now have to force feed water and food and he is vomiting and has horrible diarrhea. It all came to a head this morning when he would not even take a sip of my milk from my cereal, which he normally drives me insane to have.

As soon as the vet opened I called and explained the situation. They were insanely busy today but had me come right down. I had to wait about an hour but then I had the luck of seeing my favorite vet, Dr. Kodel. Dr. Kodel did a blood test and a fecal and we were both expecting the worst. Spooky had no fever, but had all the symptoms of either Leukemia or Feling HIV. Thankfully, Spooky ended up with just having a severe viral infection and is now on baby aspirin and antibiotic. All is now well in my world and I can breath much easier.

And staying home has also been a blessing because I have managed to almost finish all of my laundry AND all of the housework other than vacuuming, because that is Dylan's job. The cats are enjoying my company, Helga is having fun with me being home, my house looks and smells beautiful, and Spooky is on his way to being healed. How could I not be in a good mood.

Keep your fingers crossed and your energy coming my way.....Tomorrow is the big "surgery" day for Ragen and my Daddy......

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday.....

Mood......frustrated....overwhelmed.....but staying positive.....

Yeah, that is how I woke up but I am trying to work beyond it and thanks to Shane and Toni, nobody might die today!

I came home from work yesterday to a house full of vomit. Helga was sick due to a hoof she ate and a "cat" was sick, and I was thinking it was Spooky. The carpets all got scrubbed and I headed to the gym. Thank the Goddess for the gym. After I got home, I was emotionally exhausted and just planted my butt on the couch and did not move. Dylan decided to make dinner, thankfully, and also did some laundry. It was really nice, for a change, not to be in charge of dinner and cleaning after a full day at work. I think Dylan could feel my frustration from everything this week and decided to help out as best he could. I decided to Spooky in his own room last night and see what happened.

This morning I woke up to NO vomit in the house, but vomit in the room where Spooky is. I am not sure what his deal is, but I think it might have been his frustration with being locked up away from everybody else. SOOOOOO I am going to try something new today.....all of the food is being picked up and no more free feeding. They are all going to be fed the same time, the kitten's seperated from the adults to eat their own food, and they get 30 minutes to eat. After that, the food is being picked up and they are done. This will be done twice a day. I am hoping I can get things back to normal in my house because I don't think my carpets can take much more!!

A special thank you to Shane and Chet for their love and consideration. I had to cancel our dinner on Friday because my Daddy is going in for a very unexpected colonoscopy and Reagan is getting spayed.....two surgeries I will have to deal with on the same day. Thank you my boys for sending me your love and your energy.

And a special thank to Toni for talking me down out of insanity quite a few times this week....I don't know what I would do without her kick in the ass every once in awhile.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I can honestly say I woke up a bit cranky. I have a sick cat who I am sure will be going to the vet tonight. I woke up to cat puke, which never makes me happy. I also had to fight for sleep last night because I had a cat that insisted on sleeping right against my matter where they were and a fiance' who would not stop snoring. Then I get to work and I was suppose to be decorating a desk on Thursday for a birthday, and come to find out that that person is OFF Thursday and there is a bunch of miscommunication going on because "too many chefs in the kitchen" trying to organize the party and for some reason, reasons beyond my comprehension, I got my head bit off for it when all I am doing is decorating. I did get an apology by the two old bitties that bit my head off, but still it hurt my feelings. It just did not start my morning off right. However, I am trying very, very hard to make the most out of a bad situation and turn my attitude around.

Tonight I plan on going to the gym, unless I need to go to the vet. I also have to run to the store to make a salad for tomorrow's get together. I was planning on making a huge 7 layer salad, but I don't think I am in the mood to do that, so I will probably just make a huge tossed salad with some dressing. That's what happens when you throw my schedule off!!!

Much love out to everybody....I feel that there are some energies out there that are more negative than mine so they need all the help they can get.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Dear Diary Monday, part deux...

Mood....Still wonderful.

The gym was fantastic. I did a mile and half and then 260 stomach crunches.....Starting slow and working back up to my 500 plus.

Work was awesome. I got all of my projects completed and started a HUGE new project where I am paying all of the claim that were denied incorrectly for the entire group. It will take me all of this week to do it, but I am excited at the prospect. I also kept a great attitude even when I had a couple of really irritating moments....I made jokes about them and moved on. I can tell that my attitude of being positive was catching on to a few others, so I am going to try and continue.

Hung out after the gym with my folks for a little while and got my Daddy a "project" to do tomorrow...After the gym we are getting out the boxes and boxes of Christmas lights and bringing them in the house so that they can warm up. I hate working with light strands when they are cold because you just can maneuver them properly. I am sure that the boxes will be all ready to move into the house BEFORE I even get home from work, but it gives him something to work on tomorrow and he knows I will be over there after the gym to finish the project with him. I am also having my mom call his doctor tomorrow to schedule his colonoscopy, since he did not get his "reminder" card this year and he is past due.

And I am so very, very excited! I am having dinner with my three of my favorite boys in the whole world on Friday....Chet, Shane, and Dylan. Dylan and I are going to pick up the boys at their house between 5:30-6:00, probably go to Orbitz or something and then go walking over to the Gateway. It will be so very, very wonderful to reconnect and rekindle with them. I LOVE MY BOYS!!!

Also on Friday, keep your fingers crossed and your blessing being sent...Our little baby Reagan is going in to be spayed that day and she is not looking forward to it....

Dear Diary Monday...


The remainder of my night last night was pretty peaceful. Dylan got our fruits and veggies ready for this week after we had dinner and so I read. I made a wonderful dinner of lime salmon, carmelized onions, and roasted mushrooms. It was healthy and very tasty.

Today I have already completed a great deal at work and have a couple of more projects I am working on....not nearly the insanity that I had last week. After work today I am going back to the gym and then having dinner, and then I plan on doing a bit of cleaning. Dylan and I are having a "date weekend" this coming weekend and so I don't want to spend a moment of that cleaning if I can help it.

The day with my folks yesterday was awesome. I found out that the largest part of my Daddy's problem is depression....due to me. Well, not REALLY due to me but my moving out has made him feel old and unneeded....which is totally not true. Therefore, I am finding things for he and I to do together......and we are already discussing how to decorate the outside of his house and the outside of ours.

Speaking of Christmas decorating, it was a lot of fun finding decorations for our house this year with Dylan. We are not going to go insane because we are watching our money, but I think what we have found so far is adorable. Christmas wreaths made out of jingle bells, small lighted trees, and a big wreath for the door. I think both of our houses are going to look great! So, keep your eyes open for me for decorations!!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...


Another wonderful weekend. After a hellacious work week, I left work on Friday and Dylan and I went out to dinner, alone. We were suppose to go out with the Poors, but Jer ended up having to work Friday night so Dylan and I went to the Red Lobster and then up to the Gateway and strolled around and bought us a bunch of new CD's. It has been awhile since either one of us purchased any music, so it was quite fun. We then headed home for sleep.

Saturday we got up and put away all of the Halloween decorations *sob* and then cleaned the house, trimmed all of the felines claws, and then went out shopping. We have the start of our Christmas decorations and did just a bunch of running around. We found a new cafe' called New Orleans Beignets on 7300 South Highland and if you get a chance, go and enjoy it! We also got Wings N Things and headed home to watch a movie. Both of us were tired and were in bed by 9:00.

Speaking of bed and sleep, Dylan has officially crossed over to the "dressed" like I predicted he would.....he is now on my schedule of sleeping!!! It is hilarious to see him totally exhausted and ready for bed by 8:00 pm!!! I think most of it has to do with his new schedule and he will be back to being an obnoxious night owl shortly.

Today I am spending the day with my folks. I have been a great deal worried over my Daddy, as he just does not seem to feel well, but won't tell me what the deal is. I hope today I can pry it out of him.