Friday, September 08, 2006

Dear Diary Friday...


I woke up not feeling as good as I wanted, has something to do with the fact that I have PMS and am bleeding like a stuck pig...and you ALL wanted to know that didn't you? Anyways, I really dislike one part of this whole "womanly process" and that is the retaining of water. Keep a bit more water in your body is not such a bad thing right? YES IT IS! The reason being is that the average woman can retain anywhere from 3 to 10 pounds! Yes, you read that right .... 10 POUNDS! And I am pretty sure I woke up with 10 pounds of extra weight this morning because my rings are not evening fitting on my fingers!! So, I will try and stay away from soda pop today and this weekend and see if that will help at all. Oh and the water pills I keep at the house should help a whole bunch!!!

I didn't make it to the gym last night, was a little sad. I got out of work later than I expected and I was just totally exhausted...another side effect of bleeding. So, Dylan made us dinner, I took a bubble bath, read for awhile, went to bed and didn't sleep (also a side effect due to the increased body temperature). Oh well, I at least feel a bit rested this morning and I will be able to sleep this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend...THE FAIR HAS STARTED!!! Yes, it is allowed for you to now run around wherever you are located, with your hands in the air, screaming at the top of your lungs the love you have for THE FAIR! Dylan and I are taking my folks there tomorrow and I just can not wait!! I think tonight we might be doing some "Halloween-related activities" like looking for certain types of decorating or just visiting Gardener Village as I heard that they are decoarted. Who knows....all I care about is that Dylan and I get to have some time together holding hands.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday....

I got home and went to the gym yesterday and then after the gym, I discovered Dylan sitting on the couch....miserable. He had a horrible migraine when he woke up and just did not feel good all over. Unfortunately, he decided not to stay home so I was happy to hear this morning that he was feeling alright. What a trooper!

Toni received good news yesterday....she has an interview today! YAY! I am really keeping my fingers and toes crossed for her that this works out and they make her a good offer so that she can move on to something else. Send her positive energy!!

This morning did not start out great for me. I went over to my folks house to give Tinker his pills and he was SOOOOO excited to see me that he threw himself right into a seizure. It was not a bad one and didn't last very long, but how do you explain to a dog that they CAN NOT be happy to see you!!!! I hate seeing him like that, but fortunately the seizures are very few and far between these days for him. And usually when he does have a seizure now days, it is a bad one. So, all in all, he handled this morning pretty good.

I am REALLY looking forward to my weekend!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday....

I wanna be home! Okay, that was my whine for the day....

The weekend was wonderful! Dylan and I got a bunch of shopping done on Friday...a lot more than either one of us intended! It was a lot of fun just walking around the stores, even though my feet were KILLING ME! Saturday we spent a very lazy day doing 'home improvement' hanging up all of our pictures from the wedding. It actually made our huge great room in the basement feel much more homey. Then Dylan went and took a nice long nap to get ready for work and I did some laundry. It was nice just to be lazy yet get many things done we needed to do. Sunday I did NOTHING! It was such an incredibly lazy day and I took it for myself. I didn't even shower until about 3:00 pm!!! Monday.....ah, Monday. I got up and got showered and hair and make up done by 7:00 am. Took my parents out to a HUGE fabric sale and then we went to the caselot sale at Harmons and went CRAZY! It took me almost 45 mintues to drag in everything that I bought for winter. I then relaxed and made dinner for Dylan and I....pulled beef sandwiches and baked beans....YUMMY! I then got a bad headache and Dylan was sweet enough just to lie in bed with me for a few hours and rub my back. The back rub felt great but unfortunately, did not get rid of my headache. I tossed and turned until about midnight and finally fell asleep. Yep, I'm tired today but will be okay.

Is it pathetic that I am already looking forward to the upcoming weekend?? I plan on getting a BUNCH of stuff done before our trip. I want to be totally caught up on the laundry, I want to get my house nice and clean, I want to get "vacation shopping" done and out of the way, oh and the most important thing this weekend....THE FAIR!! We are taking my parents to The Fair on Saturday and spend the day with them just doing "old people" things at the Fair....looking at photography, walking really slow, looking at the animals, walking really slow and then stopping to rest right in the middle of traffic, complaining about all the kids and white trash, walking slow some more....all the really fun stuff!!