Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Diary Friday...

I had a very intersting talk with a manager yesterday. I have been asked to "strongly consider" applying for a couple of manager positions that will be opening. Now, keep in mind that I have not been with this company 90 days yet! Oh, and keep in mind that I really hated being an active supervisor at my last job. So, I am going to need to do some thinking this weekend because the jobs will be posted in the next two weeks.

Last week, Dylan and I made the mistake of seeing a PG movie on a Friday night.....a mistake that Dylan and I probably will never make again. I think it proved to us how truly OLD we are. I actually yelled at some teen-agers who would not shut up to, "SHUT THE FUCK UP". Yep, I am old and cranky. But I also discovered something else about movies...this time from a conversation at work this morning. I can not STAND to be watching a movie (either at a party or at a theatre) where somebody thinks that they know EVERYTHING about the movie (either from reading the newspaper, the book that the movie was based on, listening to people) and they proceed to discuss the movie WITH YOU DURING THE MOVIE! OH God that makes me want to punch them!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

I did not sleep worth shit last night! For some reason, I would fall asleep, stay there for about 30 minutes and then wake up. I spent most of the night just tossing and turned. And now I can not stop yawning!

Work is providing us breakfast today to say "Thank You" for us all filling out an on-line survey that WF does twice a year. Our division had 100% response on the survey, so they just wanted to let us know that they appreciate us taking that whopping 15 minutes out of our day to do it. Hmmm.....a company that KNOWS how busy you are, knows that those 15 minutes were valuable, and just wants to let you know it appreciates you sharing YOUR OPINION?! I am still trying to get that straight in my head....something I am not use to. I usually get into HUGE HEAPS OF TROUBLE for sharing my opinion....especially about work!!!

Stopped by the folks house yesterday to check on everybody (not that I don't do that every single day, and some days twice!) and Tinker was looking better than he has looked in months! He was not labored in his breathing, he was able to get around without any help, and just was doing awesome. My Dad was a bit on the tired side. He is still having a problem with dealing with the fact that he can only really work about three or four hours a day and then he has to stop. He gets stronger and stronger every day, just not fast enough for him. Guess that is why I love him so much!! Newsome's don't stop, we push ourselves to our absolute limits and then sometimes, beyond. Yeah, yeah, I know that it is not always healthy to do that....but it makes us feel better on a temporary basis!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

It has been a hard couple of weeks for me. My sweetest dog in the world, Tinkerbell, has been having horrible "episodes" that I thought were either seizures or heart attacks. I did some research on the Internet and found he probably had congestive heart failure, which was not a surprise since he was diagnosed with a heart murmur several years ago. But in my bleak mind, I just knew I was probably going to have to "let him go" and I just was not ready for that, even though it is incredibly selfish of me to think that way. Sunday and Monday were the worst ones. After I left my Mom's on Monday, I went home and just fell apart and cried myself into sickness. Yesterday was the vet appointment...and Tinker is still with me and on medication! We can't cure the congestive heart failure (yes, I was right) but we can make his quality of life much, much better. And the "episodes" turned out to be that his heart is so enlarged it is pressing on his esophagus, causing him not to be able to get all the oxygen he needs. One pill is to remove the water on and around his lungs and heart and the other pill is to open up his arteries so his heart doesn't have to work so hard. The prognosis is 6 months to many, many just depends upon Tinker. I think since I knew he was still eating REALLY well, drinking, going to the potty, and having such a great spirit, that his time was not up and I could not just justify putting him down. SOOOO, all is well in the world right now!

Dylan's birthday is gradually sneaking up on us and I am excited to be able to have a whole weekend to spend with him. He took Saturday night off so I get to be with him on Friday, all day Saturday and Saturday night, all day Sunday and Sunday night, and Monday! We are going to go shopping for his birthday, go out to breakfast and dinner on Sunday for Mother's Day AND his birthday, a concert on Sunday night, and the dentist on Monday...YYYYAAAAAYYYY! I know that the fact that we just get to spend a lot of great time together will be the best part of the whole weekend. Plus, he will officially be OLDER THAN ME!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was busy, but every moment of my life is that way.

I spent Friday night seeing "An American Haunting" with Dylan and it was a horrible experience. I will never see a movie on a weekend night again...too many teen-agers! And the movie itself was unbelievably bad. We also went to dinner at Iggy's and Dylan had a wonderful piece of prime rib and I had very mediocre shrimp cakes.

Saturday I spent the morning shopping with my Daddy and then planting. Dylan and I then went grocery shopping for the remainder of the evening. Sunday I spent the entire day out in the yards planting, planting, and more planting. I then had time to get into the house to get showered and cleaned up to go to Shane and Chet's for Chet's birthday party! It was great to see everyone, even though I was feeling exhausted and sunburned and with a headache. However, I did get to spend the entire evening with the beautiful Caiden on my lap, so that made everything else obsolete.

Today I came into a wonderful surprise. Our division has started a brand new way of recognizing is called "PC of the Week" and I am the first winner! I get some movie tickets and I have no idea what else, but it was cool just to be recognized!!