Friday, November 21, 2003

Dear Diary Friday....

Yeah, yeah I know....Friday night and I am home updating my blogger....and by CHOICE! I decided that after several weeks of non-stop stress and starting to feel my world closing in on me, it was time for myself, and I have chosen this weekend for that. For all of the people in my life who I have bitten their heads off lately, sorry.

Anyways, let's catch up. A number of months ago, I started caring for a house by me where the occupants left and abandoned all of their cats. I buy every two weeks four cases of cat food and three large back of dry food and every day, my mother and I walk to the house and feed and water. To make a long story short, after believing for YEARS that this family was picked on by neighbors and people in general just because they were different, believing that these people deserved to be treated much better, I discovered with the help of a young lady with Best Friends Animals who has also been caring for these cats, that the unoccupied house has MUMMIFIED dead cats in the walls and ceilings...and when I mean mummified, I mean they have been there for yours. The house has a completely "chaotic energy" in it that when I have gone in to the house, to get cats, I have come out completely out of I know why. And to think that this family lived with the sounds of these cats dying in the walls, being trapped and not able to get out, and did NOTHING about it, makes me absolutely sick. To say that I was mortified, horrified, and enraged the day I found out about it would be the understatement of the century.

Then there is my best girlfriend, Toni. With the passing of her father, thankfully in a very quick, painless, and with dignity, supporting her and her family through this loss has been hard, but something I would never regret. It is just nice knowing that she is as comfortable crying in front of me as I am in front of her. If I could, I would have taken her pain. I just thank the Goddess for listening to my prayers the night before he passed, asking to take him quickly and painlessly...all with Toni's knowledge that I actually was going to PRAY TO A DEITY. Yes, even her cold atheistic heart can sometimes thaw *wink*.

Work has been insane and is only going to get more so as the year comes to a close.....I am not even going to start on that subject.

Thanksgiving is next week...the shopping for that should be completed by myself no later than tomorrow. I am not fretting or freaking over this year, I am going to enjoy the cooking, the cleaning, the family, and the relaxation afterwards. Feel bad for Dylan, he has a HUGE amount of guests this year to deal with.

And Christmas.....I think it has FINALLY become my second favorite holiday again. I have the spirit, have already started the shopping and am looking forward to decorating. Yep, I am getting soft in my old age.

Oh, and my daddy and I bought a greenhouse......god help all of you this coming spring when we have petunias and pansies and other stuff growing out of everywhere and we start bringing them to your houses to plant!

Well, in a nutshell....there is my life, my stress, and why this weekend is ALL MINE......

Note to self: Toni and Rob b-day coming soon....they are getting old fast...need to purchase items that they can use, like Depends, Geritol, etc.....