Thursday, July 01, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday...

Today is the 4:00 pm this afternoon Dylan and I will be HOMEOWNERS. I wish I could say that I am totally excited about all of this but the Mom has dampened it a bit. I am not going to write a novel, but let's just say that last night she tried everything in her power to pick a fight about anything and everything and it did not matter what I had to say. I actually ended up just relocating myself to my bedroom last night at 7:00 and did not come out until this morning. It is unfortunate, but I believe this is one of my Mom's greatest joys in life.....trying to ruin a happy moment for me. She does it right before my birthday and has made the same attempts with Halloween. Now you know why I hate my is always the precursor to a fight.

Work has been fun today. Toni had to help me out when I went into a seizure, which I have not had one since I started Weight Watchers. I am sure it is the stress of the house. Thank God Toni has steady hands and could open up my Tab so I could get some pretend sugar into my body....oh and the whole packet of sugar she made me eat!!!

And congratulations again to Dee....I could not be more excited and more proud of you!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I think we can now "officially" say that Dylan and I own a house because they FINALLY took the "FOR SALE" sign out of the yard today!! WOOO HOO!! (feel free to take your clothes off and dance around wildly).

Work was pretty good today other than I had a few moments where I actually had to FIND something to do....which did not take long. The new appeals specialist is needing help with her stuff, but she has made some comments that have made my giving her help very unlikely. One of the comments she made to someone was "I don't know why they were ever behind on the appeals, this seems to be such a piece of cake." Huh...she averages handling 5 appeals per day.....I was averaging handling over 40 appeals a day PLUS doing all of my other duties. And she wonders why she can barely keep up to 30 days out on the appeals.

Once I got home, Mom and I hit the gym. I did 24 minutes on the cross ramp elliptical trainer, 100 ab crunches with 10lb weights, 300 regular ab crunches and 10 minutes on the arm machines. I loved every minute of it!!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Dear Diary Monday....

The weekend was great!

Friday I took Mom to Instacare....again....because her ear infection was getting worse. They put her in a major high dosage antibiotic and she seems to be doing better. I then took her home and collapsed in bed because I was exhausted and just not "feeling right".

Saturday Dylan and I went to the Farmers Market, then the Aviary, and then to Media Play, and then back to his house to take a nap, and then to dinner. It was so relaxing and enjoyable!

Sunday was "bbq day" at my house. I did ribeye steaks, carmelized onions, salad, baked rosemary potatoes and orange pound cake for dessert. The only problem is that I spent the ENTIRE DAY eating everything in sight. I am not sure what my problem was, but I felt ravenous from the moment I got up! And no Toni, I'm not pregnant......

Today has been such a wonderful day and I can thank my attitude AND my friends. I came into work to wonderful gifts from Toni and Rob (thank you again) and with the realization that at the end of this week, yes THIS WEEK, Dylan and I will be HOME OWNERS!! I can't wait!