Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dear Diary Thursday...

So much as gone on that I am just going to try and condence as much as possible:
1. My Dad is going in for a test tomorrow....if the test fails he will be given a pacemaker and spend the night. If the test is good, he will just be going home. He is weaning himself from his neck brace and should be "brace free" within 3 weeks.
2. My new job is still wonderful and I am still learning every single day.
3. My Mom had a cataract removal a week ago and is doing fine. She is on three types of eye medications and will be going in on April 6th to be fitted with a brand new pair of glasses....we are all so excited!
4. My oldest sister is getting a divorce....possibly...and I could not be more excited because her soon to be ex is a crackhead and has a drug problem.
5. My second to youngest niece is also probably getting a divorce...come to find out her husband ended up having a very bad temper and the situation will only get worse and then I will probably end up in prison.
6. Coal will be graduating from Puppy School next Wednesday night and Dylan and I could not be more proud. He started out being probably the worst puppy in the class and has become probably the very best trained one.
7. On the downside, poor Coal is sick right now and we think it might be the treats we gave him....he is under close observation with Dylan today.
8. Speaking of Dylan, he has been an absolute angel when it comes to helping out with my folks. He has taken them to all of their doctor appointments and helped my Mom with taking them to their dog hair appointments. I could not be more lucky than to have him in my life.
9. Dylan's folks are going on a week long vacation a week from today and I am excited for them!!
10. I am excited for the opportunity to see a huge group of my friends over at the Poor's house in the upcoming few weeks! WOO HOO!
11. I work just down the street from Jeff-y so we met up for a 10 minute break a few days ago and had coffee.....that is a HUGE perk to my new job...I get to see Jeff-y!

Okay, sorry that this is so very "too the point" but I unfortunately have not had a lot of time to myself lately. Hope all is well in everyone else's world. Big love and luck out to Lindi on her upcoming surgery and a huge HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to Sarah on turning 17 and also big loves to Connie's Mom on her upcoming surgery as well. Oh and a HUGE hug out to Toni with her bruised ass cheek!!!