Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was....interesting. On Friday, I took a fall outside of work and managed to screw up my shoulder, my ankle, my wrist, and pop off a fake nail. So, I ended up going to get the nail replaced after work, and then Dylan and I went and had a sit down dinner and got our weekly grocery shopping done. I was sore, but didn't think it was a big deal until I settled in for the night and took my boot off and realized my ankle was HUGE and HURTING. So, I got to have my ankle brace on all weekend.

Saturday we got up and got the house cleaned and started preparing for the UFC Fight night we were hosting. The party was a great deal of fun, as was the company. Unfortunately, I am no longer 18 and can not hold down the amount of alcohol I use to, so I spent some of the evening in the bathroom forcing myself to vomit up the alcohol and then proceeded to lay down on the couch. I also was not the only person to be sick as we had guests that ended up spending the night...which was fun.

Sunday I got up and finished cleaning up that which Dylan hadn't put away and then Dylan and I just relaxed the rest of the day....very, very relaxed.

And my week has not started off great. I managed to pop off another nail this morning...including MY nail underneath and then had to clean up the blood off of the carpet and myself before going in to work. I also woke up with the worst back and rib ache I have ever had...which I am hoping has to do with the vomitting and not the walking pneumonia that is going around my work. Then as I walking from my car, I dropped my lunch! Yep, it has a great Monday already!