Thursday, June 21, 2001

I don't know how long it has been since any of you have been sick...but it has been a LONG time for me. SOOOOO, the fates decided to give me a double whammy! I have a head cold/flu combination, and I can't say that I really am enjoying it that much. Oh, and to make me even more pissy...did you know that to take the new "flu" medicine that they have been talking about that relieves the flu symptoms quicker than without it, you must catch your flu symptoms within the first 24 hours or it is no good. So who can predict when they are going to have the flu???? Anyways, it has actually been bad enough that I have missed two days of work, have gone through 2 boxes of Puff Kleenex and 1 bottle of Nyquil. I am not enjoying this at all. Please send all sympathy notes to.......

On a lighter note, have had a few responses to my "when is it okay to cheat on your partner" survery. Now, I am serious about this question and need some answers. E-mail me at Also, let me through in another it worse to cheat on your partner if there are children involved or does that make a difference????

Monday, June 18, 2001

Okay, here is the question of the day......

When is it okay to cheat on your partner? Are there different "degrees" of cheating? Does the cheating become worse or not as bad, if you are in a long "extra curricular" relationship with the third party versus a one night stand??? Give me some feedback on this kids.....

Oh, and the second question....if you knew of a friend cheating on their loved one, would you feel obligated to tell the partner????

Let me just be frank....PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES.

Yes, you read it here first. That is the tone of the day and my opinion of most people in this world. There are degrees to which a person could be an asshole, and let me explain:

1) Almost never: these are the people that only become an asshole every so often, almost never, and usually only in the worst situation.
2) Part-time assholes: those are people that are assholes about 50% of the time...almost everybody would fall into that category.
3) Religious assholes: those are the people that live to be an asshole, that pray everyday to become a bigger and better asshole. Those are the people that I talk to on the phone.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

I guess I am pretty pathetic.

Here I am on Father's Day, having made my Father that most enjoyable meal of all times, his other childen show up, I run for cover to my den to the quietude of a facelss internet *sigh* just so that I could be away from my siblings. How pathetic am I? Oh well. If I was to analyze this for what it is worth, it is due to the uncomfortable age difference between the siblings and myself. The next youngest to me is 10 years my senior, and the ones that have come to visit are more like 16 years my senior. And the one position that makes me most uncomfortable is that I actually view myself as a "better" person than these people. Does that make me a snob? I believe it does and that I am not proud of.

Also, is it not pathetic when you have something that you SHOULD tell somebody, but you just can't seem to get the courage to tell them for fear of hurting their feelings. I must be getting old! I use to relish the thought of inflicting emotional pain upon others, friend or foe, and now I will avoid it at all costs if it is a friend. Alas, I have become a WIMP! And to those that know me, I detest weak people. I am going to work on growing the proverbial "balls" and just talk to the person, get it out in the open, clear the air, walk away a better person. And my greatest fear of it all is putting bad Karma out into the universe and waiting for the "three-fold effect" to come back to me and kick me in the ass!!!!!!

Scotty, I missed you.