Friday, March 12, 2004

Time: 5:41 pm
Music: "Hard Sex" or something like that..
Mood: Content, yet excitable

Dear Diary Thursday...

Oh, yesterday did not turn out well at all!. Sit down, grab a beverage, and a few Kleenex because I am gonna make you laugh until you cry...

I got home from work and decided to head down to The House to physically grab a couple of cats. Well, Mom and I did manage to grab ONE and he assaulted us both until we were down for the count. After that, we decided to head home and go to the gym. Well, I managed to make it up the stairs and to my locker, where I then wrapped my foot around a bench and tripped and fell all over the place. In this sequence of events, I managed to skin one knee, land on the wrist that I previously broke, and get a wrap burn from where my gym bag was and now I have the biggest and ugliest bruise across my forearm! Well, by damn, I did not let that stop me from a fantastic workout! I then limped home, and am now wearing a splint!!! After dinner, I decided to try my new Avon Hot Waxing kit on my eyebrows. Well, don't gasp, they turned out beautifully. So, because I discovered how talented I was at this, I decided to try it on my bikini area. I placed a glob of hot wax on the right side, put the cloth across it, held it in place, and then ripped it away. Well, no hair was removed but I was in more pain than I have ever been in! So, I think to myself, "Self...That was strange, no hair removal! Do it again!!!" So I put another huge glob of hot wax on the same area, place the cloth strip, and proceed to rip it away again. This time I scream out in pain and still NO HAIR! I decide to give up and head to the bathroom to put oil on the wax and remove it, as it is horribly sticky. In the process of trying to remove the sticky hot wax, I manage to stick toilet paper all over my hands, my bikini area, and part of the sink! Okay, I finally manage to get cleaned up but I am wondering why the area in my bikini area is black. Well the reason is because I now am the proud owner of the BIGGEST BRUISE THAT LOOKS LIKE A HICKEY that you can imagine! Yep, won't be doing that adventure again!

Today has been hectic. I was going to go to the bank, get my nails done, and some shopping for the trip. Well, my dad decided I was also going to the nursery to find some stuff. FINALLY after all of the running around, I got home at 3:00 and made dinner for everyone. Then my daddy decided I was going to go outside and lay and level 400 lbs of paving stones to put his new greenhouse on. Well, I finished that, managed to fertilize the whole yard, get a shower, and now I am doing my laundry for the trip.

Please let tomorrow be calmer....

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Time: 6:53 am
Music: None
Mood: tired

Dear Diary Thursday...

Yesterday was not a good day. Work was horribly busy and apparently, if you have a coughing fit and then get a sore throat, you no longer have to help on the phones but you CAN be on a personal call for two hours and make it loud enough that the rest of the office can here you!

I then drove home and was caught in a traffic jam that put me back 30 minutes. As I was going through the neighborhood, I went past The House and there in front of the house, in the road, was a dead cat. Apparently it had been hit by a car sometime after my mom went down to feed the cats in the morning and when I drove past. I called Kjori and she met me at the house to get the cat. Other than that issue being totally depressing, it was a cat neither one of us had seen before. Therefore, there are more cats at the house than we thought!!!

The good part of the evening is that Connie came over to the house and hung out for awhile. She got to meet Kjori because Kjori came over to the house to show me a cat that they had caught that she was not familiar with. The cat is one I have seen before, but it is not fixed or had it shots, so today it is on it's way to the vet!!

Today is my last day at work and then I am on vacation. I just can not WAIT to be out of here!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Time: 7:38 pm
Music: "Sex Dwarves"
Mood: almost catatonic

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Another fantastic day. I had a couple of "down" moments where I started to get pissy, but then something would happen and all would be right in my world again. And one of the best parts of today when somebody actually made me blush because she caught me off guard with a comment about "don't thongs get BROWN when they are up THERE?" Did not expect a comment like that from a lady and it made me actually stop in my tracks, my mouth shut, and a laugh stop in my throat...That is how truly flabbergasted I was. She is a wonderful lady and I appreciated the moment we shared.

Stopped by at WW on my way home and I lost again....very, very happy. I then went to the gym and did my two miles, my 550 ab crunches, AND my mom has made friends with all of the raquetball people! I now have two married gentlemen that are interested in teaching me how to play because they believe that women are more COMPETITIVE then men and make better opponents! Well, after finding out the basics of it, I was surprised to learn how closely related it is to FAVORITE sport! Looks like I might be learning something new!

Speaking of learning something new, Tonster and I are discussing taking a couple of courses through Adult Ed....I am hoping that the ghost hunting course will turn Tonster and us into a new employment field.....GHOSTBUSTERS! That is if she can catch my ass as it is running away from the ghosts.....

Monday, March 08, 2004

Time: 7:10 pm
Music: "People are still having SEX"
Mood: Elated

Dear Diary Monday...

Today was a fantastic day. I awoke this morning feeling like good things would happen, and I was right. My attitude kept on the same track all day and I accomplished a great deal at work.

Let's back track just a bit. Friday night Dylan and I went out and saw "Club Dread" which is the most awful movie I have ever seen in my life. It was so horrible that you could not even laugh at it. Only go and see it for all of the boobies. Saturday I spent the entire day, and that is not an exaggeration, shopping with my Mom. I managed to find two pairs of new jeans and six new shirts for Vegas and let me just say, it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I could pick up a Medium or a Large shirt and have it fit!!!! And I went down OFFICIALLY one size in the pants, unofficially two (they were tight, but I could do them up and be somewhat comfortable). Sunday I spent the day with my Daddy and I managed to take down all of the Christmas lights outside and put away every single box of Christmas stuff that was in our garage. My Daddy was just thrilled as he was tiring out very easily, he is still trying to get back his energy from being sick for a month.

So I believe that from such a great weekend, the elation continued. I did go to the gym after work today and managed to increase my ab crunches by another 50 (550 total) and add a couple of more laps to my track routine. And I still have so much energy I am not sure what to do!

But the best part of today....Kjori just called me and they are going to start trapping the cats TOMORROW! That's right....The light at the end of this year long struggle is in sight for me and for the cats!!! And Clover, the cat she is caring for until we find him a home(and I have my fingers crossed that a couple of very special ladies in my life will be taking him) is doing better than we expected! He is completely litter box trained and she has let him out of the kennel and he does not spray and rolls onto his tummy to be loved!!! I knew he was a phenomenal cat, but this is beyond my expectation. And to say that he is smart is a HUGE understatement. Come to find out from Kjori, when she was trapping all of the cats to get them fixed, he would chase off the kittens from the trap so that they would not get caught! And then he would crawl up on top of the trap and roll around on it until he set it off! This is my kind of cat!!!