Saturday, May 08, 2004

Dear Diary Saturday...

Oh, this has been a great weekend so far and I have Constance to thank for starting it off so perfect. I came home yesterday to a beautiful basket of garden seeds, a coffee mug, a photo album, a cookie in the shape of a tulip, and various other things from her! I love you Boo-Boo and thank you again!

Today, I woke up and went to my meeting and LOST! I was so excited I almost cried. I had not lost in two weeks, and so I was dreading the weight in today. I then came home, did some grocery shopping, and then started the planting of the yard. The front yard is all planted and one flower bed in the back but that was it. I can not believe how many plants I put in the ground today. I also did all of the house work as Mom is REALLY sick( I am sure it is bronchitis again) and has a hard time doing anything without losing her breath. SOOOOO, she got to spend the day doing a whole bunch of quilting and that was it!

Tomorrow I am not sure what is going on other than I am taking Mom and Daddy to dinner for Mother's Day. If I have time, I am going to run and do a bit of shopping but that will probably be it. Oh, and I would really like to wash my poor filthy vehicle!

To everyone that is a mom.....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Dear Diary Friday...


Yesterday was not a good day. I thought the cold has gone, but it came back with a vengeance, creating a horrible cough and zapping all of my energy. And I think the worst part of it all is that I have given it to my Mom and she has to ten fold worse than I did. Can you feel the guilt....

After leaving work, I proceeded to go and try a new salon to get my nails done and I probably will never go to another salon again. It is out by Dylan and it is called Nails4U and Brian, the owner and one nail tech is absolutely amazing. Then I came home, talked to my Shane for awhile, watched Friends, cried, and went to bed and again, did not sleep. I am now on day 5 and enjoying every moment of it.

Some things I learned at work this week...get a pen and notepad:
1) If you think your other half is cheating on you, he/she probably are
2) If you think your other half is pulling away from you and relationship, they probably are
3) If you think that it is more important to go to a bar than take your child to a doctor, you should not be a parent
4) Every time somebody is sick does not mean that YOU are going to get sick every time
5) Sitting on your ass all day at work, bitching about how fat you are, but REFUSING to change your diet or exercise will not make your skinny (yes, I actually have a person like that, Dee...)
6) If you want to attract a love interest, being pushy probably will not help

And as you can tell, by not sleeping I am in to work early playing on my blog.

Oh, the weekend is shaping up nicely. I will be meeting Dylan tonight for dinner with some friends. Saturday, I have my weight in and then I plan on doing some birthday shopping for somebody special (DYLAN) and then doing a whole bunch of yard work. Sunday is Mom's Day and all she wants is for me to take her to dinner....we will see how she feels by then. Unfortunately, it does not look like I will be able to go and see "Van Helsing" but I can be patient. Next weekend is devoted to time with Dylan since we have not had a chance to hang out in almost three weeks AND his birthday is on that Friday. All in all, life is great.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday...

The cold is still hanging on, but it is losing it's strength, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, the side effects of taking cold medication is that it keeps me up at night, so I am back to averaging an hour or two of rest, which strangely enough, is not making me tired or cranky....yet.

Class with Tonster was fun last night, other than this one annoying person in the class. This is horrible, but the major reason he annoys me is because he has a LISP! I seriously want to reach across the table and pull his protruding tongue out of his head!!!

The family that I have had in town now is LEAVING TOMORROW and I am so excited!!!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Dear Diary Monday...

I have my official first cold of the Spring and I am not enjoying it much. It came on as a migraine Saturday while I was out with my Daddy and I ended up on the couch for about 5 hours with an icebag on my head. Then the sneezing and the runny nose and the coughing all started. By the time I woke up on on Sunday I knew I was sick. I ended up staying up all night because I had to blow my nose every 10 minutes. I ended up having to call into work today because I have a fever and my head feels like it is so full that any minute it is going to explode. I am hoping that now that I have had it three days it will GO AWAY! Needless to say, my thoughts are not all in the right place, so I don't have a lot to discuss.

Oh, Dylan and I saw "Kill Bill Volume 2 on Friday" and were involved in chasing down a hit and run suspect. Both events were a lot of fun.

My love and thoughts go out to Toni and Rob and Prince and his family. If they can't cure him, I hope his exit from this life into the next will be with dignity, with no pain, and surrounded by eternal love.