Monday, June 08, 2009

Dear Diary Monday...

oh GAWD the last three weeks have been HELL! After getting my Daddy out of the hospital due to an emergency surgery and all of his issues, then my Mom goes into the hospital this last Saturday and is still there! She has pneumonia, a very bad bladder infection, and was so dehydrated that her organs started to fail. I have NEVER spent so much time at a hospital in my the point that nurses recognized me and came to my Mom's room just to chat and see how my Dad is doing. Too much. I actually started emotionally "shutting down" on Saturday and the lack of sleep I have gotten the last three weeks would probably kill most people.....thankfully since I have insomnia I am able to function on very little sleep after years of experience.

All I can say is thank the GODDESS for the amazing emotional support I get from my friends...and believe this or not, my family! My friends have been a life-saver these last three weeks....and I am not using that term loosely. Without the shoulders to lean on and the ears to bend, I don't know where I would have been. And Dylan, let's just say that I won the lottery when he and I got together. He has been absolutely amazing and perfect in his helping out with everything.

Okay, wish me luck. I am hoping I can get Mom out of the hospital today and maybe, just MAYBE get some sleep!


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