Saturday, February 22, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

Only one more day until Dylan and I are on our way to Vegas...and I can not begin to tell you how happy I am. Not only because Dylan is giving me "daily countdowns" on how many days until Vegas, and not only because Dylan has given me several reasons for why we need to get away and be alone, but I am feeling that this trip is much needed AND much deserved for me, and it is a rare occassion where I actually feel I "deserve" something. The parent's illness seems to be subsiding, I completed many, many projects at work and left with an empty plate, so I will not have any worries to tag along....and THAT is also a rarity with me!!!

Today will be the day that I do all of my laundry of all of the new clothes I have purchased for the trip. I have no idea why I waited until TODAY to do that, but it will keep me busy. I also need to clean out my suitcase, get everything packed, AND clean up my room a bit. Nothing I hate more than leaving a mess behind when I am going to be gone. Oh, and I need to clean Nibs cage so that he will have a beautiful habitat to enjoy the entire week I am gone.

Is it me, or does anyone else enjoy the gloom of a rainy day? It makes me want to curl up in a furry blanket, get one of my books, a nice hot cup of tea, and between pages grabbing quick cat naps. It is going to be difficult to keep my projects going when I have such desires running through my mind.

Off on to another subject, does Michael Jackson give anyone else the creeps??? I tried to watch one of his "specials" and I had to continually keep changing to other stations because my emotions kept vasilating between creepiness and the desire to yank his heart out through his mouth! The man is insane, he needs to be locked up, he needs to be removed from any public light, he needs to be kept away from humans (of ANY age), he needs to have a keeper!! The man should never be allowed into public, let alone to do "interviews" sum, the man needs a full front lobotomy!!!

While I am gone: Sunday-Orange, Monday-Lavendary, Tuesday-Red, Wednesday-Brown, Thursday-Violet, Friday-White, Saturday-Gray.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Hmmm...which one is me......

Find your Role-Playing


Find your Role-Playing

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Believe it or not, sit down this might scare you, I just went shopping for a baby shower and LOVED IT! Oh, I spent WAY too much money on my boss, but I figured that I will split all of the clothes that I got betwen her and my niece and call it even!

Anyways, work was insane today. The phones were practically dead this week, but we made up for all of last week today! I was on the phones the majority of the day AND trying to get my desk looking good. Tomorrow will be worse. Tomorrow we are having our "staff meeting" which is going to be a bunch of, "Hey, don't know if you people know it but you are a bunch of lazy, stupid, fuck off's who need to be baby sat!" Yep, I will be hosting part of it, if you couldn't tell!!! After that, I really need to get my desk looking fantastic as I will be out all of next week (Reminder...I WILL BE IN VEGAS) and I don't want my research companions to be overwhelmed. I know, I nice am I.....

Oh, I TOO got the cutest Valentine's gift AND a trashed desk....both were absolutely adorable....but not NEARLY as adorable as the person who gave it to me....thank you again....

And let's clear up some confussion: 1) I will not wear any gold lame, 2) I do not own, nor will I wear any form of comfortable shoes, 3) I do not own, nor will I wear to a wedding, flannel, 4) my butt is big enough, I am not putting a bow on it, 5) it is an outfit in any color that reminds me of something I have seen somebody vomit, I won't wear it, 6) I need to be the cutest one in the room, keep that in mind when planning the event, my fragile ego is at stake, 7) can I have a male date still, or do Toni and I need to go as a couple?

Monday, February 17, 2003

Dear Diary Monday...

Call it paranoia, call it obsessiveness, but I have this light on my vacuum that goes GREEN when everything is clean and stays RED until it is whole entire house must be GREEN or I can not stop! Also, my mother has a horrible head cold, and I do not want it at all, so everything must be disinfected. Can you tell how my day went? Everything was laundered in scolding hot water and bleach was added where it was appropriate, the entire house was vacuumed, including the furniture and draperies, and that is after they were Lysol'd and Frebreezed, the bathrooms were scrubbed and disinfected with Lysol AND bleach, everything was ran through the diswasher, and every handle, counter top, knob, drawer pull was disinfected. And all of this was completed by 1:00 pm!! And then I made the folks a wonderful dinner of French Onion soup and cheese sandwiches...nothing particularly special but my mom loves French Onion soup, and I knew it would warm her up. The only thing that I did not get completed was cleaning the hamster cage, however, Nibs can wait until the upcoming Saturday so that I can make it particularly special for him while I am gone the following week. Oh, have I mentioned that there are only 6 days until Dylan and I go to Vegas.

And FINALLY Connie has broken the news to everyone. A big CONGRATULATIONS to my Constance. I could not be more thrilled for her and more proud to have Lindi be an in-law to me. I love the three of you very, very much! Just remember Constance, no big bows on my ass, or god-awful pukey colors because pay backs would be BEYOND a bitch for you!

I have had a very wonderful person on my mind lately. I sent this very special person an e-mail today to let them know how wonderful they are, how beautiful they are, how blessed I am to have this person in my life. I hope this person takes it to heart everything that I said and I hope one day to give this person back even a smidgeon of the love and friendship that they have shown to me over the years. Just know that I love you, that I will do whatever I can to help you, and that all you need to do is let me know and I will be there for you.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday...

Well, today was not exactly how I had planned. All I have done is make a batch of cookies, and that is all. I did have planned a lot of laundry and a lot of cleaning, but I am going to do that is for me to relax, as I did not sleep well last night and woke up with a headache. Whenever we have an incoming storm, you can count on me having a headache.

I would blog some more, but I just am not in any mood to strange for me. I have a lot going on in my head right now, so I am going to work that through first and blog about it later. you think you could blog soon....(hint fucking hint).....