Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear Diary Tuesday...

It would be nice to come on to here to say that I had a wonderful three day weeekend, but I would be totally lying. This won't be the most upbeat blog...just FYI.

Okay, so on Saturday I woke up and was starting to get things done around the house when Melvin got VERY physically sick. He then began to weave when he walked, fell down, and some other bad things happened. I was convinced he was dying. I woke Dylan up in a panic and bawling and Dylan got me calmed down enough that I was able to see past the point of having him euthanized. We gave him some tuna fish with a whole bunch of water, let him relax for a bit and he was BETTER THAN NEW! Needless to say after that experience, Melvin is now thinking he needs to be pampered all the time. And thankfully for him, I am more than willing to accomodate him right now!

After that, I spent the morning taking my parent's around to the cemetaries to put flowers on the grave. My Daddy was not feeling well, so we got it finished in record time and then headed home. That is when everything went to shit. By 5:00pm that night, he was vomiting anything and everything he had in his system. By Sunday, we were down at the hospital, thinking he had the worst flu EVER. Well, turns out that there was no flu at all, but he did end up having emergency surgery and will be in the hospital for a few more days. So, since Sunday, I have been pretty much living at the hospital, taking care of my Mom and my Dad. Can't say that my attitude is very good, but I am keeping a smile and positive attitude when I am around everybody, but when I am all alone....I am more of a bitch than normal! I am sure it has to do with exhaustion, but I don't care.


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