Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dear Diary Thursday...

Well, I was going to take Muffin back to the vet yesterday, make an appointment and everything, and then she started acting better. So I cancelled the appointment, and of course after that she started vomiting again. Unfortunately, I just do not have the patience right now to deal with my Mom and the drama and she needs to learn to handle certain situations herself....which she did.

That attitude probably came from my crap-ass work day yesterday. I was just fed up with everything that goes on around here and totally clammed up at work. Even my boss noticied it commented, but I really did not give a shit. I am tired of managment that do not have the back's of their employees, and even go so far as to serve them up as scape-goats to other division. I am tired of managment that lies to their employees. I think I am just tired of managment in general. Good thing the weekend is not that far away.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Yesterday was a horrible day...haven't had one of those in a long time where you just feel so crappy that you are just drained emotionally, to the point that you do not want to be around another living soul. Yep, that was me.

After a lousy day at work, I went home and picked up my Mom and we headed to the vet because Muffin has been coughing and got sick yesterday. Come to find out it was very minor, she got some cough medicine, all of her shots, and re-licensed. I then rushed home and Dylan and I headed to WW where he had a fantastic week and I had a lousy week...what did I expect. After that, we went home and I was just done. I took a bath, put on my PJ's and went to my room and just read. Unfortunately, the bad mood just went through the entire night and kept me up all night. I actually don't feel very tired this morning, but it is because my mood has not gotten any better. Yep, running on self-loathing and hatred this morning. Hopefully my attitude will get better by the weekend.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Yesterday at work was really not to bad. I accomplished a lot more than I expected to, was able to help out a few co-workers, and start on some major projects...all in all, a good day. After work I headed to my folks house to check on them and to see if my Mom's stitches were looking good....and they are. I then headed home and Dylan and I went over to PetSmart to do a tiny bit of shopping....and that is where it happened. I saw this douchebag of a man walk out into the parking lot with his cart....and old couple were driving and they were actually almost past him and that apparently pissed off the douchebag because he pushed his cart towards their car like he was going to hit it and yelled out "BANG!" Well, thankfully the old couple ignored him and kept driving, but I proceeded to look start at him, glare, and comment to Dylan, "Gawd! What a fucking shithead!"...loud enough that I know he heard me because he turned to look at me....and was quite surprised when I would not look away or back down! WHAT A CUNTSUCKER! So, he went to his car, I went to my car and he finally decided that I was not scared of him so he quit staring....but that didn't stop me! He got in his car, sheepishly kept looking at the steering wheel, and drove off. FUCKING PRICK! So, that made my evening because even having pharmaceuticals running through my system, I still like a fight!!

Tonight we go to WW which should be HORRIFYING because Dylan and I were not good this last weekend. Tomorrow and Thursday he will be going into work early each night so I won't get to see him until Friday...and I am not sure what we are doing this weekend, other than some grocery shopping.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

Holy high drifts Batman...that snow storm SUCKED!

Weekend was pretty calm and almost boring. Saturday I took my Mom shopping and then Dylan and I relaxed that night....going to bed obnoxiously early because he was so tired and I was not feeling good. Sunday I got up and headed over to my folks house to check on them....and noticed that my neighbors had barely a skiff of snow but my driveway had a HUGE amount thanks to the wind. Dylan and I ran to the store to pick up goodies and then came home to snowblow/shovel and then settle in for the day. I got so bored with the Superbowl at about the second quarter that I gave up and went to read.

All in all, nothing to complain about this weekend other than I am glad that the PMS is going away and I can get back on track to eating healthy and NOT craving chocolate every second of the day.