Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I have my first "bite" on the hunt for new employment and the interview is next Tuesday. I am honestly very excited to be looking because I had an epiphany yesterday....I am worth a helluva lot more than I am getting paid and I need to find an employer that agrees with it. Unfortunately, my time at my current employer is very limited and they will make absolutely no effort to keep me here. Plus, I had two very negative experiences with management yesterday that solidified my resolution to move on. I guess it was The Powers That Be's way of making sure that I understood it was time to start looking at greener pastures.

Well, tonight I am taking my mom to stand in line for hours and hours and hours to get an autograph of President Jimmy Carter. Now I know what you are thinking..."Why can't I be doing something that cool?"....but we can't all lead as an exciting life as me.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dear Diary Monday,

Let the hunt begin! I worked on my resume' this weekend and have already forwarded it to a few individuals to see what the job market is like. Unfortunately, in doing this endeavor, I have also given myself a case of the "short timers" syndrome and am absolutely in no mood to be here at work, and in fact, have made myself grumpy. Oh well, I at least only have to work two days this week and then have five off....YEAH!

Weekend was good. Dylan and I went to see "Harry Potter" on Friday, and that took up most of the day, and I am not exaggerating. The film was about 2.5 hours long and so when got out of the theatre, all of our morning was gone and so was half the afternoon!! We then did some shopping around and the longer we were out, the grumpier I was getting, so we called it a day and headed home. Good news is that we got the new ornaments for our Christmas tree and our theme this year is going to be Spice. We have matte finish brown, golds, dark red orgnaments and we will be also using ribbon and bows and gold pinecones.

Saturday I took Mom shopping all over and then came home to relax and do some laundry. Dylan and I went to dinner on Saturday night where I proceeded to get a very small case of food poisoning. Not too horrific, but didn't feel comfortable either. Sunday I spent the morning cleaning up my yard and the folks yard and doing some laundry and then making dinner. Dylan and I spent the evening just relaxing in front of the TV. So, all in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

Tonight I am going to run over to Chet and Shanes for a few moments to pick up some pictures and then hopefully, home to continue this book that I am currently addicted too. Oh and tomorrow, you are going to love this, I am taking my mom to an autograph session with President Jimmy Carter....yes, you heard right. He is signing autographs at the Barnes and Nobles by my work and my mom just loves him, so pray for me.....