Saturday, September 28, 2002

All better....

I wish upon the person that gave me and Dylan's mom the flu a lifetime of hives in their cooter/penis!

Anyways, it started on Thursday with a runny nose and a bug in the back of my throat, which I COMPLETELY blamed on Toni (sorry Toni) as she has been sick. Well, by that afternoon, The Tonster had to leave work early as she was DONE! I went to the Olive Garden for lunch and by the time I ate and made it back to work, I was doubled over in pain in my stomache! I got some good advice from JJ ("go to the fucking doctor, would ya?") yet, I managed to tough it out for the remainder of the work day. By the time I got home, I had convinced myself it was going to leave if I ate rice. Well, I had two spoonfuls and then I knew something was horribly wrong. So starting at about 5:30 the vomitting began and did not stop until around 2:30 am! That was Thursday. On Friday, I was sore, I had the shakes, my stomache was on fire and I kept getting cramps. I took anti nausea pills, my mom's stomache pills.....nothing worked. By yesterday evening, I managed to get down some soda crackers, two graham crackers, jello, and some mashed potatoes and then I took two tylenol. Thank god for Tylenol! The stomache cramping ended as did the fire feeling! I think my poor stomache muscle had been overworked by the vomitting. But I have learned some valuable lessons: 1) Do NOT make yourself vomit repeatedly even though you think it will make you feel better, 2) the dressing at the Olive Garden is the Elixir of Hell and I will never have it again, 3) JJ, Toni, and Dylan share one brain in regards to my stomache, and 4) My mom (and SEVERAL other folks) are right, there are times when you are running too fast that your body decides it is time to catch up, and this is one of those times. How do I know? If I stayed on the couch, did not move, I felt completely fine. How is that for your body making you rest.
Shaddup' Toni and JJ! (even though you are right and I love you both.....blah blah blah)

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Funeral Day....

Last night was the viewing, which was quick but beautiful. Today we had the official "Mormon" funeral.....viewing, family prayer, long funeral ceremony, graveside services, food at the church. It was beautiful and very educational. I found out some very incredible things about Dylan's Great he ran a chicken farm, a turkey farm, was a school bus driver, how he owned a 1924 Model T Ford that he drove to was amazing. And the people that came were just as amazing, young and old alike. And of course, sitting and talking with his family is always a treat, especially when they tell you all about this "surprise" wedding that they are going to be throwing for you.....HA HA HA FUCKIN' HA! Anyways, it went smooth and painlessly.

So, I am once again dealing with my stomache. I have decided that stress is killing my stomache. Having a very stressful week last week, a very stressful weekend, and yesterday was HELL ON EARTH at work, I have had a couple of moments after I have had something to eat that I have been in such pain that I can barely stand up. Today after the funeral buffet, I went home in such pain that I was considering actually making a doctor's appointment. I drank some Mylanta, took a brief nap, and now I am fine....and it feels like all my stress is gone. I had a salad for dinner, I have a little twitch of uncomfortableness, but that is it. SOOOOO, I guess I am going to have to learn to be good and eat a little more healthy and be a lot less stress induced.....or at least try. Thank God that Dylan is taking me away next week for some much needed vacation time!!! Oh, and I am going shopping on Saturday with mom, which is always a hoot!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Haunted Housing.....

Rocky Point was not nearly as good as it has been in the past, but an amusing trip nonetheless. It had far more potential, but they did not act upon the potential. One of the most irritating things about it was the fact that not nearly enough spacing is put between the groups and when you do have spacing, they throw a maze in, which then seems to get everybody in the whole damn place together, and it is no longer frightening. However, the animated corpses were fantastic this year.

The company was a great deal of fun, for the most part. There were a few irritating moments, but other than that it was a delight to be with so many people on a Saturday night.