Saturday, October 19, 2002

Dear Diary Saturday......

It has been an amazing weeks of emotional ups and downs...and I honestly can say that I thank my Goddess for it, as it has taught me restraint, patience, and respect.

To start with, the chick who rolled her jeep and then her ex showed up to work with a gun was suppose to come in on Wednesday..didn't. Thursday...didn't and then let us know she would not be back in until this coming Monday. We will see. Anyways, my boss finally asked me, in confidence, if the three remaining research people could handle doing the job without response, "The three of us HAVE been doing the work the entire time without her because she is worthless and has never helped out." I think my point was understood and well taken.

Thursday was a bad emotional day. I have discovered how truly rotten of a friend I am, how unapproachable I have become, and high maintenance. It pretty much put a real damper on the entire day, as I have been caring that emotional luggage around since when I originally found out how horrible of a person I am. So, Thursday sucked in general. I was so sullen and quite that the Pit Boss called me into her office twice to find out my problem and the last time I told her, "If I wanted you to know what was going on with me, I would fucking tell you. Until then, quit asking as it is none of your fucking business." And walked out.

Friday, only a half day at work, and was I a whirlwind! I came in and busted out the entire Research Team workload. I then went to the jeep rollin' chic's desk and in one hour, let me clarify that....IN ONE HOUR...I managed to catch up all of her e-mails, all of her faxes, her entire IN box AND clean her desk. I then proceeded to let the Pit Boss know (who told me she didn't want to come see the corner desk because she was scared of me,...HA) and show her what I had done and then she gave me the look of the devil, not directed to me, and asked me how long it had taken as jeep rollin' chic is in her office at least once a week crying (literally) about how overwhelmed she is. Should be interesting when she comes back...if she comes back....pray she doesn't come back....

Then I left work and hung out with Mom. We went to Coscto, came home and went to dinner with Dad, came home dropped Dad off and went to Witche's Night Out at Gardner Village. I have not had so much fun and that place is AWESOME for Witches Night Out. I could not believe the amount of people (easily probably about 7500 total) and so many people dressed up that I felt out of place. Next year, I am definatly dressing up!!!!

Today is big yard work AND finish decorating the front yard.....which is a horrifying thought since it is so decorated I don't know what I could possibly add....oh yeah I do....LIGHTS!! And then hanging out with friends this evening for a calm night of food and videos...thank god.

Oh and Jeffy....thanks for a great week.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Let me catch up. Yesterday I had to leave work early to go and get some sample prescriptions for Mom from her doctor as we are having a problem getting her normal prescription filled (length story, don't want to type it all out). Anyways, I had to leave work to get to the doctors before they closed, which meant I got home fairly early. As I was pulling into the driveway, I realized I had a horrible headache so I came right into the house and took two Excederin Migraine, which proceeded to kill of the headache, but give me a buzz and tooooooo much energy! So, I scrubbed the bathroom, dusted the house, cleaned the windows and then proceeded to clean my entire den, top to bottom and rearrange all the furniture. Then I decided to go and call Dylan. As I was doing that I looked outside to see my cat, Boogie Monster, sitting on something alive. I hung up the phone ran outside, picked him up, ran back into the house, yelled at Mom to come and help me. It happened to be a mouse, not even remotely hurt and sitting by my cherry tree, patiently waiting for me. So, I grabbed an empty coffee can, the cutie ran right into it and Mom and I proceeded to walk around the neighborhood until we found an empty field and released the little thing...which he was so adorable as he ran out, stopped and turned around, and stood up on his haunches to look at me and then ran off! Now I wish I had kept him! Oh, and why you might ask, did my cat not kill it? My cat doesn't know how to kill things, he only SITS ON THEM!! Yes, that is right, he enjoys catching things and then sitting on them because he has no idea what to do with them after they are caught!

So today was wonderful because I had lunch with JJ and we spent the entire lunch hour catching up on stuff, enjoying wonderful food, and me astounded by the military and police force that was coming in the the place in LARGE amounts. The food never rivaled the company as JJ kept me in stitches with her comments on life. If you love her blog, like I do, the in person appearance is unbelievable! And what is better, I get to hang with her on Saturday!

Oh, if you have an opportunity, go and check out Probably the most insightful, well written blog that I have ever had the pure joy to stumble across. A true homeless gentleman with the courage and tenacity to not only details his day to day experiences but explains how he got to where he is at today. I love it and I hope you have a chance to enjoy it as well!!!

Aren't the new kitties cute???!!!! Thanks Honey!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002



Monday, October 14, 2002

Dear Diary Monday....

Dylan and I had a lengthy discussion last night about what football team I am going to cheer for since nobody likes it when I cheer for the we decided, or I decided, that my football team is going to be..........are your ready.......THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!! The reasoning....they have the cutest uniforms! And what fart sniffer came up with the name of the Houston Texans for a football team. Are they so damn dumb that they can't figure out what city and state they are representing???? Oh well, I never said that football was for the least not the players and the people that come up with the names.

Work was good today, but as always, busy. I spent the day keeping our team caught up so that we can spend tomorrow busting out all of our appeals. I also found out how aggravating our marketing team can truly giving out my name to every dick that they meet as a way of selling our company..."OH! If you ever need help, go ahead and call learn at 1-801-SHE CARES and she will take care of ALL OF YOUR FUCKING PROBLEMS!" Yep, that was the exact selling phrase and people bought it. So, in turn, I got a couple of them in trouble for using that. Then the day continued on with "Ask Lorene A Stupid Question" which apparently is a new game that I did not know I was involved in. First question, "If we go to APS (our outside precertification company) to do a review every month on one member for their pain management, do you think they will bill us for every review every month?" Now here is my answer, "How the FUCK WOULD I KNOW!!! Am I employed by APS? Does it have APS written on my forehead?" Yep, the Pit Boss was impressed with that answer and walked away. Second question, "What do you think they will do with the dumb fuck who endangered all of our lives with her ex husband showing up with a gun?" Answer......"Ask Human Resources!" Somebody made me the Magic 8 Ball with all the answers but 1) did not tell me the answers to give, 2) give me the patience to deal with them, and 3) inform me that I WAS THE MAGIC 8 BALL!!

Tomorrow will be a better day.....I am all vented out now........I can sleep tonight......

Oh, by the way Jeffy....I wuba wuba wuba you......

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Dear Diary Sunday....

The weekend has been pretty nice. Spent Friday getting off work early and hanging out with Dylan. We went to Cottonwood Mall, Spirits, Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, and Gardner Village to look around. I purchased some neat stuff from Pottery Barn at Trolley Square and a beautiful musical snowglobe that is Halloween themed from Gardner Village. We then rented "Ted Bundy" and went back to his house to watch it. Not a movie I would highly recommend as it is done in a "I love Lucy" kind of fashion and very disturbing portrayal of a serial killer.

Saturday I went out with Mom and did some shopping, bought 19 more pumpkins and managed to break one on the way home. I then spent the evening with Jeffy, Michelle and Jer, Dylan, and Toni and Rob. Janet and Brad were suppose to meet up with us at the Haunted Forrest but we never saw them. We hung outside until about 10 minutes to 8:00 and they never showed....guess they don't love us! Anyways, the Haunted Forrest was MUCH longer than any year previous and worth the $12.00 a head admission. Plus, spending time with such a fantastic and loving group of friends was priceless! Especially since the scariest part of the whole damn place was when I thought I heard Golem from "Lord of the Rings' in front of me and grabbed a tree so I wouldn't have to go forward, only to find out it was actuall the evil JEFF!!! Damn him! We then went to KFC for dinner and I think we came close to getting our asses kicked out, but damn, we had a good time!! Looking forward to next weekend, whatever may come up!

Today I have already played "Candle hostess" to my sister and brother, selling them lots and lots of smelly good candles. I also have cleaned the entire kitchen. I am now hiding out in front of my computer as the LDS Home teachers are here....neither of the two men I like at all.

Does anyone realize we are only 18 days away from the most sacred, and most cool holiday ever.....