Saturday, August 31, 2002

Holy shit!

I just wrote the best blog, and didn't post...I am an official dumb ass!

Anyways, Dylan and I have decided that we are not meant to hang out on Fridays. I was off work early yesterday, came home and spent extra time looking cute, we went to dinner, and then Dylan had to take me home.....again! I have a horrible habit of eating way too fast (you can thank that on 7 brothers who taught me to eat abnormally quickly so we could run out to play) and so after I consumed my meal, I was sick. I was in bed and asleep by 7:30 last night, and woke at 7:30 this morning. Thankfully, I am much, much better.

Today is Dylan's last official Saturday of not working. I have been very spoiled over the last several years having him on the weekends, so we are going to spend this last Saturday with each other. It doesn't matter what we are doing, it just matters that we are together. I know, I is sappy, but when you have been as spoiled as I have, and the Fates have been telling you time and time again that THIS IS THE PERSON YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE WITH, you learn to truly cherish the moments with them.

Sunday will be spent with the folks. I am taking them to breakfast and shopping, then probably going to bbq and just hang out. Monday is up in the air, I am sure my father will find some project that we must do. If not, then maybe hanging with Dylan. And if that doesn't pan out, then it is time for ME! How weird would that be.

So, found some new pet peeves lately.....enjoy!

1. Do not consider yourself my "friend" if the only time you bother to contact me is if you are having a problem that you want me to solve, there is a holiday coming up, or if your birthday is on the horizon. Friends contact each other just for the hell of it.

2. Do not call me your "friend" to so that you can add one more to your list to impress other people. I am not a convenience item or a toy.

3. If you are given a position in a company, and it comes with rules like you must show up at 7:30, showing up at 9:00 is not acceptable.

4. If you ask a question like, "I bet my whining is getting annoying, isn't it?" then don't be offended when I answer you. If you are not prepared for an answer, don't ask the fucking question.

5. "Hello!" is not an answer.

6. I have spent years becoming as cute and as much of a Princess as I am. Do not try and compete with me on that level....I will hurt you.

7. If you can't stand the fact that the Pit Boss and I go to lunch and are friends, fuck off. Neither one of us care.

8. Do not overemphasize your role in anybody's life. Yes, we are all important, but the world will continue if somebody leaves your life...if you choose to allow the world to continue.

9. Not everybody in the world is out looking for sympathy. We all have bad moments, they happen. That does not mean you are going to be tucked into bed and fed chicken soup.

10. I allow new people into my life, and sometimes, even become very close with them. If you can't stand that, or don't believe that should be allowed, fuck off.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002


Otay....four people on a research team and I am much more busy than when it was just ME! Tell me how that works? I don't have time to all, I don't have time to talk to other people and by the end of the day, I am exhausted!!! And next week I am starting back to the gym. Oh Goddess, give me more strength and patience!

Well, I wore my new pendant to work today....didn't actually like the way it looked on so I am not going to hang it from my car mirror.....I need all the protection in the world when I am behind the wheel of Babs!! Oh, and how cute is this....driving home from work and there is another Vue, same color as mine but nearly as cute...and we drove down the freeway side by side. How cool were we?????

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Funky day....

Let me start by saying I totally bit off a co-workers' head yesterday and it was completely uncalled for AND I did apologize, but that tells you how my mood/spirit has been.

Anyways, today wasn't much better. I came in with a piss poor attitude, stayed quite all day AND got a shit load of work. Let me sum it up this way....there are FOUR people that are on the research team and TWO of them doing all the work!! So, forgive me if you see me on the news standing outside of a building screaming obscenities as the nice people with the white coats are trying to drag me away! Then one of the two who doesn't do the work fell in a pothole and broke her ankle and so I got to hear her WHINE all damn day!!! Okay, that probably wasn't nice, but OH FUCKING SO WHAT!!!!

Then I came home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I am doing laundry and I scrubbed down one bathroom, the other was already finished. I have so many cleaning projects I want to get done while Dylan is working on his Saturdays that they are starting to jumble in my head. Yes, JJ, it is a form of avoidance.....for now....but it is working out the aggression.

Oh, and since I have been "outed" at work so that the Pit Boss now knows that I am a witch, she is driving me insane to read her tarot cards...which I haven't read tarot cards for other people in a VERY LONG TIME!! So, I need to start practicing that again. In that same note, I am starting to get back on track with my studying and practicing of the Craft since stuff happened. I am feeling a little more centered and a little more calm. Dylan is probably going to regret it since that is when "creepy" things start to happen and those "things" haven't happened since I have been so out of balance. Poor Dylan, how will he ever stand to be around somebody who loves to invite the dead to hang with her???

Oh well, does anybody realize how close Halloween is?????

Sunday, August 25, 2002


Still around, been insanely busy, sorry for the delay.....

Work has had many changes this week, and all seem to be for the good. We only have one team now for customer service, not three....we have one team lead, not three....we have a research team consisting of four people, not just me...we have an administrative assistant for the Pit Boss, not me anymore. No more overtime or comp time for me, that is okay, gives me time to go to the gym.

Home has been alright. I spent most of last week coming home from work and holing up in my room, in a dark safe place. Except for the one night that I talked to JJ for several hours and Friday when Dylan and I hung out with the Netzlers....which was beyond amusing!

Spent Saturday with Tammy and Barb shopping in Park City....which was nice since I am a classic horder of gift certificates and had one from Old Navy from the Poors from about two or three years ago that I finally used. Also got some cool new bras, some stuff from Harry and Davids. Oh, and Dylan's mom gave me the coolest witchy shoe cookie jar for Halloween!!!! I love it!

Anyways, hanging with Dylan today... going to visit the ducks, going window shopping, watching the pay per view wrestling. Should be a relaxing day.

Sorry about the last blog...lots of mental stuff has been going on, but I think the haze is starting to lift or pass....either way, I am okay now.