Friday, May 01, 2009

Dear Diary Friday...

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

This week has been great other than a few major lows that occured....but life carries on and you learn from those lessons and rejoice in the fact that you still woke up with breath in your body!!! Gotta love that which does not kill us, right??

Well, the weather has screwed up my plans of working in the yard, however, Dylan and I are still going to go and buy plants....I need some foliage and color in the yard, dammit!! I will at least have everything I need to work in the yard when the weather decides to clear up and behave itself.

Really looking forward to going to the Super Pet Adoption this weekend and lending my support to the cause. I think I will see if they will allow us to maybe walk a few of the dogs around to stretch their legs. The rest of the weekend I think I am going to play it by ear and see what comes to pass. I do know that I need to clean a few things and vacuum, but other than that, just going to enjoy.

Oh, and I just about forgot the most exciting news....MY DADDY CAN HEAR! Yes, he was actually able to call me on the phone last night and I didn't have to scream at him AND he could hear everything I was saying. It got me very choked up, and I heard my Daddy get a little choked up himself. It will be so great for him to be able to speak to his kids that are out of state and his nieces and nephews. Thank Gawd for modern technology!!!!


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