Saturday, August 30, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

Oh, what an interesting week! The two bitches in my department have suddenly become NICE again. Not that they are every going to be friends with me again, but at least the joy of working with them is back. It was insanely busy at work this week, but I accomplished a lot. One of my researchers was only in on Monday and Tuesday, so I have been taking care of her desk while she has been out. My boss was out Thursday and Friday, so I have been handling her desk as well. Friday was interesting because I got to work at my normal 6:00 am, realized nobody was there so went to a local grocery story and hung out for 30 minutes, went back and there were now about 8 of us hanging out and then it dawned on me....NOBODY WILL BE HERE UNTIL AROUND 8:00 AM! Not such a good thing when the customer service phones automatically come on at 7:00! But that is what the management gets for not thinking ahead to make sure somebody would not be off an extra day before a 3 day weekend to make sure other folks can get into the building! No bother...I still put in my 8 hours and got out of there to hang out with Dylan.

Speaking of hanging out with Dylan yesterday....not such a good day. I have been having some "issues" lately that I have not been sharing with everyone. One of the issues is the stress of dealing with my folks and their medical problems. Secondly, the stress I have been having stemming from the stranger I had to deal with in my front yard. And third, the stress I have been putting my body through with my endless endeavor at losing weight. Unfortunately, that all caught up with me and I ended up having leg cramps and charlie horses in both of my calves and we had to call it a night relatively early. Good part....we saw "House of a 1000 corpses" which is a movie created by Rob Zombie. You could see his potential to make a good movie, but he decided the cheesy B movie was much better. I was entertained, but glad I rented it and did not buy it!

Today was wonderful! My mom and I went shopping for my fall wardrobe. I bought over $800.00 in clothes for less than $275.00. I had wonderful coupons, gift certificates, and the gal that waited on me gave me more and more discounts! And to make it even a more exciting experience, they asked me to be part of their Lane Bryant fashion show! The lady said that they are looking for beautiful women who are very self assured, and she said that I was showing that off in mass with all of the clothes I was trying on! They are going to give me a call to find out if I am interested. Very flattering!!! It was wonderful!!! We then went to lunch to a place neither of us have ever been, Granatos, and had a wonderful sandwich. We then went shopping to Petsmart and Costco, made it home and I made dinner. Now, I am going to relax myself silly!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day. I plan on doing a lot of cleaning, putting my clothes away, a ridiculous amount of laundry. Oh, and starting the priming of the gravestones which have now been cut! Yes, the Newsome Graveyard is shaping up nicely already!!!!

Monday, I plan on making up to Dylan with us spending the day together and hopefully, keep your fingers crossed, NO LEG CRAMPS!!!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday....

After a much stressful week, Friday was wonderful. Dylan, myself, Toni, Rob, Chet, and my Shane all met up to see Chet and Shane's model home, which is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see the two of them all moved in, all of the decorating completed. After that, we went to the Gateway for dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen, which was excellent, other than Shane ending up with a bucketful of water and a glass of wine completely in his lap, thanks to the waitress. However, being that it was a mistake and all of us were enjoying his discomfort so much, it was laughed off. We then decided to indulge Shane's desire of chocolate and headed over to Cummins to get chocolate strawberries and grapes. We also looked in almost every store, including Lane Bryant, where Shane insisted on buying me an adorable hat. Tonster and Rob then left to go visit her father and the remaining four decided to go try out some two wheeled thingies that they were demonstrating. Fortunately for me, they could not let us ride them because the batteries were too low. I have a sneaking suspicion that I would have been the one either crashing into something or something and ending up with broken bones!!!!

Saturday was a day of relandscaping our front yard. The trauma of finding somebody in my front yard had me on the quest of trimming out all of the bushes, removing a couple of trees so that I had a better view. We removed the tree that was right in front of the front door and the three remaining trees are now trimmed small...kind of like lollipops. The bushes on the side of the house are all trimmed and neat and the ivy growing up the house has been cut down. It was all necessary, as it will help to have the hardest part of the trimming done for next spring. And I thought for sure that I would be so sore that I would not be able to move today. However, I guess I am in better shape than I thought because I have had no soreness at all.

Today was a relaxing day. I have done absolutely nothing other than watch tv. In a little while I am going to start getting ready for this week....getting some lunches together, organize my wardrobe for the week....nothing spectacular but necessary. This week is going to be busy for me as I have two major projects that I need to complete.

Oh, and can I just say that my favorite time of the year has begun! Next Saturday I am going shopping with my mom for the start of my autumn wardrobe. Then the following weekend is the start of the Fair and I already have a few "volunteers" lined up to go with me. And then I believe it is the following weekend that Rocky Point Haunted House opens! YEAH!!! Halloween is right around the corner for me!!!! Oh, and I already have my theme picked out for my house this year.....The Haunted Newsome Graveyard!!!