Saturday, August 11, 2001

HAHAHAHA...Fuck you all, 'cept Scottie and honey-bunny! The Knee Fairy came and she made it all better, as well as the Little Toe Fairy and came and made my toe better! See Grace, that is why you had to go with modern medicine, you don't have the FAITH! The Fairies talked about you.....they don't want you in their circle anymore!!!!

Anyways, work was good yesterday. I got to leave at 9:30!! WOOOHHHOOOOOO for me!!! I actually came home and sand two tables, pre-stained two tables, stained two tables, so it wasn't like I got to sit around and be a slug. SOOOOO, I was planning on doing that today, ain't happening!!! I have already done 3 loads of laundry, put another coat on the two tables, rearranged my den AGAIN because a few things were bothering me, and did a few tests on some stem cells I had lying around. No cure for stupidity yet, but we are close!!!! So after I finish typing this, I am gonna go make some breakfast!!! So far all I have consumed this morning is my two gingko, my multivitamin, my vitamin C, my multi vitamin b, my cod liver pill, and two Xenadrine.....don't think that is too healthy, but that's ME!!!

Scottie, I SWEAR I am about ready to jump in the car for and come and kick some male/female ass!!! This is getting to be too much for even ME! Tell "him" to get the hell out because you need some space and tell "Her" to mind her own P's and Q's! Better yet, don't say anything to her....she is pathetic because she is still reading into your life, hoping to find tidbits of her on your blog. Quit writing about her unless it is in code. Like every time you want to talk about her use something like "Well today, the C**T was giving me crusties ( I used that word because I know how much Dee and Michelle Poor like it!!!!).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I am going to go and see the Others and hopefully get so scared I pee on my honey-bunny!!!

Has it dawned on anybody yet that there are only a few days left until October???????????????

Friday, August 10, 2001

Grace.....SHUT UP!!!!

Okay, the knee fairy didn't come the other night but I think it is because I tossed and turned all night because my knee hurt so she couldn't come. Sooooo last night I slept pretty sound, kept my knee elevated and iced and I think she came for a minute because it feels a bit better today. I am hoping by this weekend she will come and take care of it completely or the amputation fairy will visit. I'm okay with either one!

Well, I was into work an hour early today because a project was bothering me so I just came in and took care of it. But here is my bitch for the morning. The client service contact who is in charge of that group apparently has never called the human resource contact, has never spoken to them, and I have been basically been doing her job and she gets the credit because the group is so happy. How is that for a kick in the face! Well, that changed this morning. I did all the work again, but this time I told the rep that for any further questions to call and speak to the client contact, gave her the persons name and her direct extension and then told the client service contact what I had done!!!

Going home early to sand and stain a couple of tables for my den. Every day I am starting to feel more and more like Martha Stewart. So I am hoping by next week to have a huge house with many acres of property and too have many people working ridiculous hours at extremely poor pay that I can scream at all day long. Oh wait, I already have a life like that!!! ** giggle**

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Grace.....SO WHAT!

Work was good, but a little irritating. I found out today that my customer service contact for the group that has taken a particular shine to me has NEVER called the hr reps to see how things are going. So, to make a long story short, I am doing a job that she gets paid to do. HMMMMMM........

Well, the knee fairy did not visit me last night, but I think it was my fault. See, I was tossing and turning all night because me knee hurt and so I don't think she can come when you are awake. So, tonight I am going to take some major medication that will knock me out and then she will come to visit me and make my knee all better. That or the amputation fairy will come and just take it away. I am okay with either one.

So what does everybody thing about stem cell research? This is my view. Let's use the embryos and fetuses because if there is good that can come out of those that will help others, versus these by-products of humans going to waste and becoming trash, than do it. As a person who has a family member with Parkinson's disease, I would love to see a cure for that, if not the ability to reduce the effects of that disease on that family member. And if doing stem cell research gives us that possibility, than by damn, put the money where it is needed.

Okay, off the soap box. I have a guy at my work hitting on me *giggle*.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001


Well, I probably should not be so harsh, but it was a long day at work. Between Monday and Tuesday I worked 21 hours. Today was the typical 8 hours, but it felt like another 21 hours! Started the day with everybody going into a meeting other than two of us on two teams to answer all the calls...which we did. Then I went to a meeting that ended up lasting 2 hours so I could not go to lunch with Toni. Than I got back from lunch and had another group go into the meeting which lasted 2 hours and then I had non stop problems with a group that has decided that I am their ONLY contact with my company and have the ability to cure any problem that they have! Yes, it makes me feel good that they have that much confidence in me, and YES it makes me feel good that my pit-boss agrees with them....but I do not enjoy one problem after another coming up and having to be solved in 45 minutes or less!!!!! Fortunately, Toni has agreed to try and go to lunch with me again tomorrow. Oh, and did I forget to tell you that I forgot to eat on Tuesday???????? How does a person do that????

Oh well. The good news is that I believe I am becoming addicted to working out since I now have started reading that book. The bad news is that when I got home tonight, I sat down to drink a whole bunch of water, got up and my knee won't work. YES it is the same knee that I blew the ACL out of and NO I am not going to the doctor. The knee fairy told me she will fix it while I sleep tonight. SO GRACE AND TONI.....SHUT UP!!!!

Did I tell everybody that my folks are going away again for a few weeks?? Is anybody excited but me?

Monday, August 06, 2001

Oh my gosh, INSIGHT!!!!!

Well, honey-bunny's mommy let me borrow her book about working out...."BODY FOR LIFE" (nobody role your damn eyes unless you want them poked out!) and it is actually insightful. It explains how to optimize your workout (should be no longer than 46 minutes if you are doing it correctly and you do it 6 times a week and you get a FREE DAY), explains how to eat properly (6 meals a day, portion size, one FREE DAY). Well, just got back from the gym and tonight was my AEROBIC NIGHT and it kicked my ASS!! I loved it! I can't believe how such a simple book, with simple instructions, could actually work. Well, I know this is only my first night, but it felt good....I hurt like a son of a bitch and am tired, but it feels good. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Guess what else? The folks are going again for their annual trip to Oregon to visit the brother and so I get to take care of the zoo while they are gone. POSSIBLY thinking about having a few people over to watch movies, but we will see. I don't try to plan a lot because I get exhausted running this house hold and usually burn myself out doing "projects" and "cleaning". But my honey-bunny will get to come and baby sit me for awhile, so that will be least until we get into our annual fist-fight and I kick his ass out of my house!!!

Work ended on a positive note. The pit-boss told everybody on the account that I was the "unofficial official supervisor" and that is why I get to be bossy. Guess it had nothing to do with me just being a bitch. Damn.............

Okay, getting back to a few people::::

Gracie....great blog but I still have not receive any of your e-mails, including the one that you bitch me out. Sorry, resend.

Connie.....MAYBE I will order something from Avon this time.....MAYBE

Michelle.....Gawd damn, gerl, update the BLOG!!!

Ken....yeah, I know you are giggling at my rantings!!

Scotty, the guy that keeps picking up on girls is only picking up on those girls because they are "unavailable". He only wants the ones that are more of a conquest because they have somebody else interested in them. AND showing interest in the twins girl does not make me happy......grrrrrrrrr!

Okay, now I need help. How do I make links on my new template??????????

Honey-bunny....I had a fun weekend with you no matter what you think.

okay, I lost my last blog!! AAHHHHH! That is what I get for trying to do these at work.

Anyhow, let me explain the last few enteries. I have been having non-stop nightmares, every night, two or three times a night. Now, these are not your normal nightmares, these are the kind that make it so that you never want to shut your eyes again. All if it stems from misplaced guilt that I carry in my life that is leaking into my dreams. Gotta do something about it because it is making me unable to sleep. Wait, let me clarify. It is making it so that I REFUSE to sleep. Went through this once before after my Grandmother passed over and I was a nut case to be around. And since I am already a nut case, lack of sleep won't help.

Had a wonderful weekend. The lasagna and sausage and peppers at Toni's, was as always, wonderful! And the room turned out beautiful for her grandparents. Have I told you how adorable her grandparents are!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2001

How do you like the new template?

Okay, time for somebody to shut up!! And I think that person is me....more later