Thursday, November 29, 2001

Bad day, bad week....

Yeah, the stuff about Grace and Connie is really sad. Yeah, I was one of the ones that saw it coming. Yeah, I have talked to them both and they both sound good. However, it is good for both parties concerned because now they will find happiness.....with pain will come the happiness that they both seek. Nuff said....

I have absolutely no Christmas spirit. I have Christmas. I had tried for many,many years to enjoy Christmas for Dylan's sake, but this year, it just will not happen. I believe it is due to how pissy my parents have been and it just reminds me of why I hated Christmas in the first place. I was going to decorate this weekend, but I have decided WHY BOTHER. That is how much I hate Christmas this year. I think I will just be buying gift certificates for everybody and leave it at that.

Work is going well, other than being really busy. I just found out that "grunter" has been going to job interviews and has been very vocal to people outside of work about how much she hates this place. I have my fingers crossed she will be gone soon.

Monday, November 26, 2001

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KEN!!! Today is his real birthday!!
Gawd, I miss talking to him on the phone!

Good day......

Work was fun, at least the "getting to work part" was fun. We had about 26 inches at my work over the weekend, and the incredibly brillant architect of the building decided to build the parking lot on a slope, so getting in and out of the parking lot is kind of like bumper cars....only the bumper is the wall. Then, one of the gals on my account hit a bus coming into work, one got stuck in Wyoming, one called in sick...all after a four day weekend. What more can I ask for. SOOOO, I went in an hour early, thank god, got my shit taken care of my desk and spent most of the day on the phones. When it finally slowed down, I started to work on my bosses desk. All in all, as busy as it was, it was actually a pretty good day.

Things at home are the same. The parents are still "fighting", the father is starting to feel a little bit better so will not call the doctor now, the brother who has been sick for about 4 weeks finally went to Instacare and he is ulcers on his tongue and gums and is now on penicilling and an antibiotic mouthwash, and I have absolutely now Christmas Spirit! What more can I ask for. I am going to work on the latter by starting a list of "Things to Buy other People" for Christmas.

Only 11 more months until Halloween...........

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Good day?...

I just want to strt with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, KEN!!!

Well, it finally snowed.....YEAH!! I love snow even though I hate the cold. I would like it to snow a blizzard, stay on the ground and be very, very white(clean) and be about 65 degrees outside. Am I asking too much?

Well, Dylan and I got together last night and did some Christmas Looking....still didn't get any ideas. When my mother and I went out yesterday, she was not really in the mood for Christmas shopping, so we didn't do a helluva lot other than get a couple of B-day gifts, get the Costco shopping completed and the doggy/kitty shopping finished. Today, Dylan and I are going to to go out in the snow and do some more Christmas shopping/looking. Gawd, did I tell you how much I hate the cold?

Anyways, the saga with the PARENTS continues. My dad is really not feeling good. He is going to call his doctor tomorrow morning. My dad, just to fill you in on a little history, has a history of pre-cancerous polyps that he has had to go in yearly to have removed. Well, two years ago they found no polyps (YEAH) and so we were not going to have to worry about it for 5 years....well, I think they are back. I also think he has a virus (ie: the coughing, the congestion), but I also think he has ULCERS! Sound familiar? Yes, the same ailment that runs in my family....the mother, my sister, my brother, now my dad. SOOOO, I guess what I am thinking is that my parents have given me so far 1)bad gallbladder, 2) bad temper, 3) migraines, 4) bad stomache....and too look forward to is 1) polpys, 2) ulcers, 3) skin cancer, 4) diabetes, 5) worse temper. I am going to make such a fun old person......I can see it happening daily....and I am sure Toni can attest to it.

Oh, and did I tell you that my dreams about me breaking my legs are now a nightly thing???