Friday, August 16, 2002


Let me get you up to speed.....

I have fire on my fingernails and sexy red toenails after spending 2 hours getting a pedicure and a fun am I!

Anyways, today was good at work. The Pit Boss, a team lead, and myself all went to the Olive Garden for lunch. The Pit Boss has had a pretty shit week, which is a step up from how the last few months have been for her. We finally got her to go out to lunch and I think it was the best thing in the world. She came back happier, had a wonderful afternoon, AND she found out that I am a practicing witch and I got to find out her MOTHER IN LAW is a practicing cool is that! However, the downside is that the rest of my team wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the afternoon. At least, I think that was the downside. Anyways, they are implementing some new changes in our customer service and adjustor areas and we are going from a "service center" to strictly a "call center". What that means is that the people on the phones only need to worry about taking calls, not doing any research. We are also building a "research team", which I will hopefully be a part of since that is what I have been doing for almost a year! I should no more by Tuesday or Wednesday.

So, you are asking yourself right now..."Why is Lorene home on a Friday night?" That would be because I shared my flu with Dylan and he is still trying to get over it. He was so adorable that he tried to actually came and got me to go out and I had to force him to bag the evening and go home because he was not feeling good. Now, how cool of a fiancee is that????? However, if I get the flu again, the word "cool" may be exchanged for "douchey", but we will have to see on that.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Good day......

The Pit Boss was unnaturally cranky today, but you get that way when you find out your marketing people are BIG FAT LIARS!!!!

Anyways, work was good, but busy. I am keeping caught up on my desk and my supervisors' desk but I am having to take the other supervisor out of the office and away for lunch so she can keep her sanity. She is getting TONS of supervisor calls escalated to her....mostly by, and because, of one of the reps on my account who is a beasty and loves to be rude to people. Oh, but when she gets called on the carpet for it.....YOU ARE RUDE! Go figure....

Had a dream about Scottie last was really nice. We were sitting at Jeffy's house, hanging out, and he came over and sat by me on the futon and put his arm around me, hugged me really close, and told me that he loved me and missed me and we should see more of each other. Oh, and that he was happy. Go ahead an analyze....I think it is my way of deciding that he IS happy now......

Damn....only two more days until the weekend.

Oh and because of is my list.....
1) All baby animals are cute....regardless of their species...other than anacondas
2) Barbecue sauce and chocolate are good on anything
3) Costco is the most wonderful place in the world
4) Coupons give me reasons to go shop and spend money
5) I really don't need a reason to shop and spend money
6) I use to pride myself on being a tomboy....what happened to being a tomboy?
7) Friends are the people that call you for no reason to ask how you are doing
8) No matter the distance or the time, a childhood friend will always be a friend
9) Getting to know new people is the most fun

More later......

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Not so much fun......

Friday, I left work and spent a wonderful evening with Dylan at the Red Lobster, just enjoying each others' company, did a little Media Play shopping, and then hung out. Got up Saturday, planted some grass (the kind on the lawn, not the kind you smoke), did some major yard work, came in and scrubbed down the kitchen, went and watched Dylan and his dad move a chair, went to dinner, did some more hanging out with My Man. Sunday, got up and saw "Signs" (scary movie!!) had dinner, went to Dylan's watched a movie and GOT THE FREAKIN' FLU!!! I had to have Dylan rush me home and then I spent the rest of the afternoon, evening, and Monday wrapped around the toilet. If I wasn't in the bathroom, I was on the couch begging the Fates to take my horrible headache and stomache cramps away and give them to a mean person....not somebody cute like me!!!

So I get into work today and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, seeming I missed a day and my boss is gone. However, we no longer get comp time or OT until we hear otherwise. Normally, I would be pissed and freakin' out, but I just don't find it all that important these days. A lot of things in life are a lot clearer and my priorities are in a better place.

With that in mind, I am already looking forward to a wonderful weekend with Dylan...hanging out, doing some shopping, and just enjoying each other's company all over again.......I know, makes you wanna gag doesn't it?????