Monday, September 10, 2001

Sitting here at work, having gone through EASILY one of the most busy days ever. We had 3 people call in sick, one person show up late due to a doctor appointment, and we are already down so many people with the lay off that this place has just become a joke. I am sure that this is the POWERS THAT BE way of finding out my strengths, but I am sure that they didn't want to find out that one of my strengths is SWEARING!!!!!!!

Anyways, I can not begin to express how much I am looking forward to going to Mesquite this weekend. Especially after today. I am not sure if I really will be doing a lot of drinking, but some alcohol will be consumed!! I plan on doing as much recharging as I can, as I know that I will be coming back to the same hell.

I think that the truly sad thing in all of this is that I really do enjoy my job, I just don't think I am enjoying the environment anymore. I don't like how the people that I work with are not reliable.

Oh well......