Friday, April 06, 2007

Dear Diary Friday....

Dylan did an absolutely beautiful job on cleaning the house yesterday and last night.....the carpet is actually the color that the carpet SHOULD be an not the color of everyone one of the animals in our house that is shedding! And the house smelled WONDERFUL....I love the smell of "clean". I am gonna spend my Sunday morning cleaning the other half off the house....the dusting, the scrubbing of the bathrooms, the floors, etc. Thanks Dylan!

My boss is out for today and all of next week.....and I am so HAPPY! Today I am planning on just doing a few things, because I kicked ass on my work yesterday. And I will be leaving early today, so I really have no desire to do anything really "work related".

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

Punkin was laid to rest in her "jungle" in my folks backyard, behind the new greenhouse....just where she always liked to go outside and sleep in the summertime with sun shining on her. It is a beautiful resting place for my little angel. And yes, each day is getting a little easier. My heart will never be the same, but I know that it was the right decision and she let me know that as well.

Last night after work, I stopped by the folks house and hung out and then headed home...AND GOT THE SPRINKLERS READY! I am so excited that the sprinklers are now on because it tells me that Spring is now OFFICIALLY here and Summer is just right around the corner! We then had dinner, watched a little bit of tv, and then I headed to bed. I have not been sleeping much, and last night was no different, but I got enough that I now feel pretty rested.

Today I am gonna spend working on a couple of projects at work....just really trying to kick some ass so that I don't feel guilty when I leave early tomorrow. Yes, I feel guilty when I leave work early if there is a lot of things that have not been accomplished and I tend to let it ruin my weekend. And since this weekend has shaped up pretty damn nice, I don't want anything to ruin it! Tomorrow we are hanging out with Jeremy and Michelle...gonna see a movie, grab some grub, and not sure what else. Saturday, Dylan and I are playing it by ear since he has started his new shift and has to go into work early and probably will be asked to work some OT and come in even earlier than normal. Sunday I am gonna clean and do some major yardwork....tilling up the flowerbed in the front yard, removing the yard lights that are being replaced, and just a bunch of other stuff. Just a nice day out in the sunshine, in my own "jungle."

And much love out to Shane right now....poor honey-boy has a cold!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

In Memory of Punkin - August 1988 - April 2007

We put Punkin to rest yesterday was horribly hard, I sobbed from the time we left the house until the time we got back home and all night, but we needed to do it. She was 19, her quality of life was no more, she was hanging on just for me. It was time. She had quit eating, quit drinking, and just walking around exhausted her and she stumbled. Often times I would look into her beautiful cat eyes and I know she was confused and didn't understand where she was....but she always recognized me and did whatever she could to make me happy. She had not slept in the same bed with my Mom for two days, that was a huge indicator that the end was approaching. When I got home from work, she came to me and tried to drink some water for me and tried to eat a little, but I could was time. The doctor cried, the nurses cried, but she went very, very quickly, no pain, very peaceful. Wait for me patiently, Punkin.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday, part deux:

Thank you Ms. Alana:

A is for age:36, soon to be 37
B is for Beer:I am a beer snob...thanks to Chet!
C is for Career:I am a Client Service Consultan (CSC)
D is for my Dog’s Name:Helga Joe and Coal (yes, like what you put in a stove)
E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday:my curling iron
F is for Favorite T.V. Show:anything on Food Network
G is for Favorite Game:I hate games!
H is for Hometown:Hunter, Utah
I is for Instruments I Play:actually, the piano
J is for Favorite Juice:umm...this is for Dylan....inside joke.....LOVE JUICE!
K is for Whose Butt I’d Like To Kick:often times it is Toni's....
L is for the Last Place I Ate:how pathetic, that would be my desk
M is for Marriage:2 years in September, but together for 20
N is for my Name:Lorene LaPrieal Newsome
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays:5 days after gallbladder exploded
P is for People I was With Today:Caroline
Q is for Quote: "everything is a lesson"
R is for Biggest Regret:see Q, I regret nothing
S is for Sport:Fly's Up?
T is for Time I Woke Up Today:without going into details, it was every hour until 4:00 am
U is for Current Underwear:denim-looking hipsters.
V is for Vegetable You Love:I love everything other than cooked broccoli
W is for Worst Habit:using the F word....A LOT
X is for X-rays I Have Had:dental, wrists, arm, ankle, foot, toes, knee
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today:Cambridge Diet Potatoe Soup, Cambridge Diet Strawberry Shake, protein bar
Z is for Zodiac:Cancer with Leo Rising

Dear Diary Tuesday....

I ended up calling in sick to work yesterday because my migraine was sooooo bad that I ended up not sleeping at all Sunday night, except for when I passed out in the bedroom and woke up when my knees hit my metal bed. So now I have three wonderful bruises on my legs and knees...and they hurt almost as bad as my head. I ended up spending the day on the couch in front of the tv with a little bit of light on and I couldn't sleep at all during the day, which is what I was hoping I could do to get rid of the migraine, but now, that was not to be. I am feeling a bit better today, it just feels like the inside of my head is all bruised and sore.

Much love out to Dylan and his parent's....his Aunt 'Rene passed away last night. We are now figuring out who will be flying back to be at the funeral and who will be taking care of what. She was a wonderful little lady, the perfect Southern Belle and she will be missed.

Not sure how the weekend is shaping up because Dylan has been putting in a while bunch of OT the last few days and it might continue on for the next few weeks. I do plan on getting the front area of my house tilled under and the sprinklers turned on, oh, and my house cleaned, but that will probably be a Sunday project.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dear Diary Sunday...

Thanks to the Netzlers for meeting us for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes on was a helluva lot of fun and the vehicle is GORGEOUS (like I would expect any less from the two of you.) Oh, and thanks for pointing out Pat to me, that will haunt me for the rest of my life now!

The weekend has been good. Friday, Dylan and I went to Rodizio Grill so I could get protein, some protein, and protein wrapped in protein...and it was DELICIOUS! We then walked around Trolley Square, and then headed off to Best Buy and FYE where I picked up four of the 8 horror movies I want. We then headed home as Dylan had to go into work on Friday for some OT.

Saturday I got up and took my Daddy to his tax appointment, which went a lot longer than it has in past years. By the time I got him home, he was all tense and his neck was just ACHING. I took my Momma to do some grocery shopping, then headed home to get ready to meet the Netzlers for dinner. After that, Dylan and I hit Petsmart and Wal-mart....we had to buy a new phone as ours has become possessed and now squeals.

Today I have spent the entire day with my Daddy re-doing my back yard. We cleaned out the entire large flower bed, tilled everything under, planted some rose bushes, and transplanted some bushes from the front yard to the back. We then tilled the small flower bed by my bedroom window, put in some rose bushes, a bird bath, and I racked up the backyard and watered everything. My Daddy and I both are sooooo tired now that I sent him home and I jumped in the shower. The rest of this week I am going to be tilling up the flower bed in the front yard. Dylan and I have decided to re-do all of the flower beds so that they look more "coiffed" and less "messy and forest-like"...which I have no problem with as I always like a new outdoor project! I was just shocked that my Daddy and I managed to do the entire backyard IN ONE DAY! Oh god am I tired!!!!