Saturday, November 30, 2002

Dear Diary Saturday.....

Finally!! The Christmas lights outside are finished....other than a few strands on the trees....but the house and the animated figures are all complete! Unfortunately, the downside to this was that I was so cold that when I finally came inside I could no longer feel my ass or my legs so I ended up having to thaw out in a steaming tub of bubblebath for 30 minutes! However, it is worth it so that my Daddy does not have to get up on the house....we young'uns tend to mend quicker from falls....and shut up Toni!

Friday was beyond dreamlike! Dylan and I spent the entire day and evening together...hit the malls, hit the Gateway, went to lunch and dinner, rented a movie.....never was there a moment that we were not holding hands, talking, laughing, and generally being the way we should be....together. His change in schedule has meant that we have become totally selfish with our Fridays (that is our day together) and rarely have an opportunity to see each other any other we are cherishing our time together. I think we are also finding that being "in love" is a helluva lot of fun. With as much time as we use to get together, the opportunity to take each other for granted came so easy.....we now do not have that. So pardon us if we tend to get more mushy than normal from now on. Again, shut up Toni.....

Tomorrow looks to be a day spent with the folks again, this time out doing breakfast and probably some more book shopping. My mother is consuming books again and it is hard to keep her in a plentiful supply...but I try....

Hi again Jeffy.......

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving, part II...

Well, it is over. The family has come and gone, and thankfully, they took a whole bunch of leftovers. The kitchen is clean, I have taken a long, hot bath, I am now in my silks and I am relaxing. How pathetic is it that it is almost 6:00 pm and I am yawning myself into oblivion! I ended up still busting my back today, but enjoyed every minute of it, except for the headache my system is trying to bring on. I believe I will be going to sleep even more ridiculously early than normal! Oh well, everyone loved dinner and had a great time and that is what matters most......happiness.

Hi Jeffy....

Dear Diary Thursday...and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!.....

This day is going be relaxing as I did most of the work yesterday. The prime rib is in cooking slowly, as is the marinated ham. The pies are finished, I made hot buttered rum sauce for the mincemeat. The only thing left to do is the yams, the corn, the mashed potatos and vacuuming the house. From now on, I will be taking the day before Thanksgiving off, as it just made everything much easier.

Things I am thankful for:

>Family, even the ones I do not like, as they make me appreciate those in my life that I love and take for granted.
>Dylan..whatever Fates kept bringing us back together and his relentless pursuit of me...I have never been so blessed
>Animals...their "innocence" and unquestionable love
>Chocolate....just makes me smile
>Barbeque sauce...makes everything taste better
> without some type of income would be dangerous
>Gardening....I am at peace
>Books...the moment I stop learning, the moment I stop existing
>Tears...with pain and sorrow brings love and learning
>Children....let's just say PATIENCE and happy I won't be having any
>, love, and more love and top it off with patience for my attitude and personality
>Hair care products...without them, there would be no world peace
>Electric blankets....I hate the cold
>Living Dead Dolls.....they make me smile
>Halloween....a holiday that I plan for all year long and never stops making me smile
>the Craft....I have found my inner peace and balance and I thank the Gods and Goddesses for this
>Stupid People.....something to laugh AT

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Today I am home starting the annual "prep for Thanksgiving" work, which is going to be me cleaning, me doing laundry, me making pies, and me doing two for prime rib and one for ham. I am not going to run around like a crazy girl, but going to do them all and enjoy each one of them....even if it kills me!

Last night was.....amusing. I went and got my nails done (a smokey yet pearlescent dark pink...I am thinking a new favorite color) and the gal doing my nails talked me into an eyebrow wax. SOOOOO, the waxing of the eyebrows actually was not as painful as I thought it would be BUT the thinning of the eyebrows with her plucking like a crazed chicken hurt like a BITCH!!! I was in tears before I left and of course, my mother was with me and she burst out laughing, which got me laughing. I looked like I had pressed my eyebrows to the surface of the freakin' SUN I was so red! But, they look adorable today and it really does open up my eyes, so I will be stupid and do it again!! Then we did some last minute shopping, got into this horrible long line and the person at the counter next to us had this child who did nothing but scream/ the time I left, which was about me standing in line for 20 minutes with this banshee of a bastard child making this god awful noise that I wanted to go over and shove a yam down her throat so she would other lose consciousness or DIE, my nerves were shattered. And as you can see, the post traumatic child screaming effects are still lingering today. I have a small twitch and I swear I can still hear that child, she is haunting me. Okay, gotta get a hold of myself........ Then I went home and had some dinner and talked with Dylan on the phone for a bit before going off to sleepy time land.

Oh, and if I don't get a chance to see any of my friends before Turkey Day....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2002

Dear Diary Monday....

Fantastic day! I got into work at about 6:00ish, stayed until 7:45 and then went home to pick up my daddy and we went to the dentist. I had him stoned on Lortab, which was a good thing since they ended up extracting the abscessed tooth. I then brought him home, made sure that he was alright, headed back to work. I accomplished quite a bit and had a fantastic day.....which I have discovered that when you are truly enjoying life, even the bad times, it makes work go a helluva lot faster. Oh, and the continues e-mailing that I did with a few friends helped a great deal, as well!

Weekend is already shaping up nicely. Friday I am spending with my Dylan, doing some window shopping, watching some videos, just general hanging out together. Saturday I am decorating the house and getting the damn Christmas lights up! Sunday, I believe that Sundays will now be my official "ME" day...either relaxing, cleaning, reading, or getting together with Dylan after work. All in all, a very wonderful weekend I am thinking.

Had a wonderful talk not only with Shane on the phone yesterday, but a really humorous call with JJ. I think we hit a new record of talking on the phone for about three hours and I think we covered EVERY TOPIC known to man!! It is wonderful that I have such a breath of fresh air in my life like JJ!!! She can make me laugh at the worst times....kind of like a couple of men in my life!!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Dear Diary Sunday....

Today did not turn out AT ALL like I had planned. Today was the day that my daddy and I were going to decorate the outside of the house. Unfortunately, the tooth fairy decided to visit my daddy and deliver him an absesced tooth! So, I was on the phone all morning with our dentist (who I may say is the World's Best Dentist) and got him a prescription for an antibiotic and a pain killer and a issue of "Lorene, if it gets worse, you call me and bring him in and we will take care of it today." Fortunately, it is a little smaller and a lot less painful and by the Fates, I already had an appointment for tomorrow morning which Dr. Tillman just told me to keep the appointment AND bring in my father and he will take care of both of us. So, today has been a rather boring day do to that and the delightful headache I have incurred.

Had a wonderful talk with Dylan last night and opened up to him about everything. Several things will be changing in my life, all for the better, and I a at better place for it. No more hiding the emotions and the honesty away due to fear of the pain it causes me and possibly, others. No longer neglecting my needs and desires to make others happy. I have been surpressing my desires, my emotions, my honesty, all in the belief that holding it in would stop the pain...and it doesn't. Also, with the help of some amazing people, I know I am worth this energy and this effort as the consequences are too horrible. So, the negativity from my life, and those that bring it, will be removed. I can be an honest person, and those that know me and love me will continue to do so. I can cry and I can bleed and those that know me, will not think less of me. I am full of courage when it comes to myself, not just to others. I am always able to fight for others' happiness, now I will fight for my own. It is a great place that I am in now, and more able to share the energy that I have with others, able to reach out more now. Could be scary for some though (wickedly smirking to myself.....)