Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Dylan worked one of the longest shifts he has ever worked....he went in yesterday afternoon at 5:00pm and came home this morning at 7:30 am.....that is just too damn long!!!! He sounded sooooo tired when he called me this morning that I am surprised he could even dial the phone. So, because of that, we have actually not seen each other since Sunday night. Thankfully, he goes in at his normal time so I will get to spend a little time with him.

Yesterday, I spent the day again training, which I think most things are starting to finally "click". This morning, I came into a bunch of e-mails from some fo my new cilents and I was actually able to answer almost half of them by myself.....which I found to be pretty impressive that I am picking things up this quick. Now I just need to wait until my friend comes in and can help me answer the rest of them. I am going to treat this client like all my other clients....I will respond to their e-mails immediatly, if only to just let them know I am "checking into it" and will get back to them with an answer. As long as they know I will be responding to them quickly, my East Coasters should be plenty happy!

And I am back to being platinum blond. I got my hair cut and "colored" yesterday and I went much shorter, much choppier, and much blonder. I was going to put brown on the tips of the hair, but we have decided to wait until closer to Autumn and then I am going to do the back all dark brown with white tips and then put some minimal brown streaks through the front, also with white tips. It will be more "Fall" colored and will help me have some color in my face for the Autumn and Winter months. It is just nice being back to my almost white hair!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

If nothing else, it was a nice and calm birthday weekend.

I had Friday off from work, so Dylan and I got up and went to see "Harry Potter" and I was not impressed. We also had breakfast that morning, which was a nice change. We then headed home, as I was really tired....and that is when the unstoppable sneezing started! I sneezed all freakin' night!

Saturday we got up and got some yucky breakfast at McDonald's and then headed over to pick up the new Harry Potter book and then met Chet, Shane, Toni and Rob for "The Transformers" which was a good show but very long. We then headed to Iggy's for lunch, which was a really good time. Again, I started sneezing so we headed home. What a joke! I hate allergies!!!

Sunday was the official birthday, and I got up and did a bunch of yardwork and hung out with the folks for dinner and that was it. My allergies totally kicked my ass this weekend, so I was not a bundle of energy like I was hoping to be....oh well!

This weekend I have Friday off again and Dylan has Saturday night off, so we are planning on doing a bunch of shopping, we have a wonderful party at Shanes that I am really looking forward to, and I am not sure what else, but I know that I am looking forward to it! If for no other reason, I get to spend another weekend with good friends AND liquor!! Oh, and Shane is making me a special new drink AND Toni is making me my favorite yummy salad! WOO HOO!!!!