Friday, May 20, 2005

Dear Diary Friday...

Mood...not so hot but I am working on it.

I woke up with having my right eye wanting to give me problems, my sinuses all plugged so I have a headache, and just tired. I think I am running down and just needing a little downtime to get my energy back on track. I know I will have a lot of energy after I hang out with Shane on Saturday, so I am looking forward to that.

Had a very interesting drive to work, if not a little unnerving. Every song that I heard on the radio this morning was making me think of an old friend, somebody who has passed on. It felt like that person was right in my vehicle, driving me crazy with the choice of songs. I had this persons voice in my head all the way to work and even after I got to my desk. Just one of those days when the deceased are on my mind and won't leave me along. I know it sounds morbid, it was not at all a comforting feeling, just an odd drive in.

Mom is extremely worried and nervous about her cardiace stress test today. I think she is convinced that they are going to throw her into a heart attack with the drug induced stress. Just try and talk her out of it otherwise....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dear Diary Thursday....

Mood...just wonderful!!

Day started out much, much better than I had planned and I am leaving it at that.

Anyways, the new position at work has been a trial this week. It is the first week with a new customer service teams and we were dumped into a big mess. However, I have a fantastic team and they have awesome attitudes and are doing a great job....I could not be more pleased. I have also been in more conference calls and meetings this week than in the entire time I have been working for this company. Unfortunately, with the new position, my work load has almost tripled and I am barely keeping my head above water this week. And I can't wait to see what happens with my mom's upcoming surgery and the time I will be missing with that! However, I also realize that with staying positive and keeping a really good attitude that things are changing for me and I am seeing some really interesting things happening. You put positive energy into the universe, you truly do get it back threefold.

Last night Dylan and I went to dinner with my folks and my cousins that are in town and had so much fun! I just love this group of people and the next time I see them will be at our wedding. They are just always full of fun, great energy, and VERY lively spirits for their age.

This weekend Dylan and I are planning on some dinner, some time together, and starting our wedding invitation list. I am looking forward to MOST of this weekend, but I also know that I am going to be doing A LOT of yardwork since my parents have removed the very large pine tree in the front yard and I will, more than likely, be planting something in it's place. You know how my Daddy loves to make me work!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...


After spending my first day as a Lead at my company, which consisted of mostly trying to answer all of the questions being thrown at me by the new CSR's, the old CSR's, and trying to keep current on my work load, I headed home to show my cousins that are in town my new home. It was a wonderful evening and they stayed and chatted with Dylan and I for about 2 hours. After they left, Dylan and I finally decided to grab some dinner and I fell into bed exhausted. It was a long day but a great deal of fun.

Mom goes in this Friday for a cardiac stress test and a respiratory test. The vascular surgeon who is treating her aneurysm is having the tests run as a precautionary measure to make sure that there are not any hidden problems. I really, really, really like this doctor and feel completely confident in his ability to help my mom. After the tests, we have an appointment on the 24th to go over the results and to schedule her surgery. As soon as the surgery is over, she will be in the hospital for 5-7 days and then I will be at her beck and call for 5 weeks, as she can do no more than walk, climb stairs, and be a passenger in a car. Believe it or not, she is actually looking forward to it!!!

It is only Tuesday and I am already getting antsy for the weekend just so I can have a day to sleep in. I woke up really tired this morning and am doing everything I can to stay awake. I think it is the Tylenol PM I had to take last night to help me sleep because my legs were hurting so much. I hate the "druggy" feeling.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...


The weekend was just what I needed.....lots and lots of time with Dylan, family, and wonderful friends. Oh, and seeing Toni a little bit tipsy was awesome!!! Thank you to everyone who made Dylan's birthday so very wonderful.

Today I start my new "position" as team lead over a new group. My boss called me on Friday to tell me she had got me more money and that even though I am getting a raise, I am still eligible for my yearly review and another raise this November. I could not be more happy right now. See, a little more money makes everything a bit better. Now if I could just convince them that a wet bar at my desk is a good idea. I have been keeping some of the information about a new position and more money kind of quiet right now because I have discovered that I have some people in my life (like my sister) who can not be happy about good things happening for me. I find it irksome, especially when I try to be positive to everyone else and their life. Oh well, can't expect the same from everyone.

Oh and I woke up to a very exciting morning. For the last two days my little hamster, Remy, has not been eating. This morning I discovered why....HE WAS NOT IN HIS CAGE! I put him in a new home and he managed to escape and began living in my closet. He was so happy to be back in his old home this morning that I think I actually heard a sigh of relief!!! Scared the crap out of me since I had no idea where he was, tore my den apart, then sat down and thought...."now if I was a hamster, were would I be?" and he was exactly where I would the closet looking for a good pair of shoes!