Friday, July 13, 2001

Thanks Scottie......

I feel soooooooo much better now that I know who you are talking about!!!! To think Leigh would be a free man again.......

Have you ever had a day that just draaaaagggggsssss...yep, that is the day I am having. I am going tonight to get my hair done and just don't want to be here at work anymore!!!!! DAMN!!!

Umm Scottie........

I am so lost and now so completely depressed! When did Rachel and Tom break up and why ( you can send that info to me in a PERSONAL e-mail)? Are they just seperating or getting a divorce? Is there hope for them?

Also, on the note about the Gorillaz....I LOVE THEM! I saw their video today on VH1 for "Clint Eastwood" and have absolutely fallen head over heels with their music. So Scott, because everybody knows that my musical taste is the shits, you must now stop liking them or you will forever be taunted by Dylan and Jeffy that you like the same music that I do. Remember, I am the person that likes Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Barry Manilow.

As for Connie....

Okay, Toni has brought it to OUR attention that she started the damn paint war. Therefore, are we no obligated to strike revenge upon her??? She also made my legs hurt for days by abusing me, and she made your chest hurt and almost caused you to pass shouldn't we do something to her????

Anyways, about to the TYPICAL topic of me......

Yesterday's work sucked!! I have this chic that works here, for now we will call her "BITCH". She is very "Mormonesque" and in a away that I despise. SOOOOO, she decided to get snippy with me because I didn't realize she was in line waiting to talk to somebody who I was talking to, so she through a hissy fit. In her world, apparently, when she gets nasty with people they back down to her. Well, I guess she wasn't expecting the loud abuse that came swirling out of my mouth in her direction, right in front of 10 of her coworkers, one of them her supervisor. And my language was VERY COLORFUL! I then walked off. Well, later she decided she was going to be sticky sweet with me, to which I responded with my usual one word answers. I figure it is about time somebody stood up to her. Anyways, it made the day more fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Oh NO Miss Thang.....!

That was YOU Connie that started the staining wars! You got me first with the damn brush down the leg and I just followed your lead. Now yes, I will admit that I got you many more times than you got me, but you definatly started it first! And of course you will still bring me the spanikopta and fudge because 1) you love me, and 2) I'm cute!!!!!

Wow, I am shocked and a little surprised but it looks like everybody will be attending Dylan's b-day party for me! That makes me sooo happy because the last time Dylan tried to plan a little get together everybody could not show and I thought it had killed his desires to host anything ever again. So, thank you to all of our friends for RSVPing!!!

On to a better note. Went with my daddy and mama to the doctor yesterday for my dad's cancer appointment. He has been treated for skin cancer on both arms and it looks like it has been beaten!!! His arms look like somebody dumped toxic waste on them, but the cancer is now gone. All the biopsys on his head and arms came back benign, and that is a great thing as well!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

In my defense.....

Okay CONNIE, you started the staining was YOU that painted ME..I was just defending myself!! So the revenge should be mine.....MUHAHAHAAHHAHHHHHHAHHHHAAAAA!!!!!!!

Anyways, my legs are still in a lot of horrible pain. I have done every stretching maneuver possible, have taken drugs, have taken muscle relaxors, so now I have decided that it is time to amputate! I will be severing my limbs later this evening if anybody would like to come and watch.

One of the new books that I bought, "I never believed in ghosts until...." has successfully creeped me out!! I have been reading it before I doze off too sleep every night and it has started to give me nightmares! COOOL!!!!!! It is personal experiences that people sent into USA Weekly and then were published into a book. Pick if up if you want a creepy read!!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2001

oh and Scott, I read ALL OF YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!

Remind me....note to self.....

My legs are in so much pain right now that I feel that a large elephant stood on the back of both my thighs, danced a waltz, took a bow, did an encore, and left the stage by walking down them! I am never helping Toni again!!!! I have no idea what the hell I did to make my legs hurt so badly and to cause such horrendous charlie horses in them, but I know it is her fault. Somehow, it is always DRUNK TONI'S FAULT!!!!!!! Other than that, the day went well. I spent most of my day doing 1) taking phone calls, as that is my job, and 2) processing claims. Tomorrow I will be helping Raphael learn his job, since there are aspects that he still does not understand. Ohhhh, did I tell you we are having a company party on the 28th? Gawd, how excited am I! I guess it is the second party of the year where people look forward to getting drunk and making asses out of themselves in front of all their co-workers! Not I, said me! I have no idea how long I will stay, since I made the honey bunny take the day off to go and be miserable with me. So many other things I would rather be doing.......

Have I told everybody lately how proud I am of all my "boys?"! Rob won his football game on Saturday, Jeff "just said no" to a crazy woman, Scott is in happy land AND doing well at school, and Jer....well, he is just cool because he has a gun. And as for my "girls"...Toni is giving her grandparents the best bedroom set in the world )cuz' I helped and I am cute!), Connie quit smoking, Gracie is going to school and sticking with it, and Michelle....well, just cuz she has a gun!( and she is cute too!). Gawd, I have the best people in my life!!!!! And then there is Dylan................well, I guess you all kind have figured out that I kinda like him and am always proud of his nasty ass!!!!

Good morning all,

Okay, let me start by just saying...SORRY SCOTT I HAVEN'T READ YOUR BLOG IN A LONG TIME!!!!!! I am a loser of a friend, but I promise to read it all either today at work or tonight at home!!! I must get info on "reading on the toilet" apparently.

Anyways, what a helluva weekend! I spent Saturday with Toni doing her "project" of staining her grandmother's bedroom. It was more fun than I expected, especially since I got to stain Toni and Connie in one day! What more fun can a group of girls have that doesn't involve getting naked! Anyways, the bedroom set turned out beautiful, as did the clean room...thanks to Grace!

Also got to see "A.I." which I found to be a very disturbing movie. The reason is because 1) the mother abandons the child in the woods.....not that I like children but anything defenseless, like children and animals, left to fend for themselves is a horrible thing and the person leaving the child or animal should immediatly be put to death; and 2) the whole alien feelings are still out on aliens and I absolutely did not like the may have more to do with the fact that it just prolonged the whole movie, but I didn't like it.

Anyways, let me discuss a matter with myself in this blog....birthdays. If you know me, you know I hate my birthday. It has nothing to do with getting older, that part I like, it has to do with the way people act. For some reason, the minute the calender is turned to show JULY, my family begins to treat me like shit. Why? Who is just a fact. So, that tends to put me in a very foul mood for the whole month. I wish I could enjoy it, but I would be okay if it just came and went like any other day and it was forgotten. Oh well......