Friday, December 28, 2001

Bad day........

I find this item particulary annoying.....when you are working four 10 hour shifts and the week only consists of three days, should you not be smart enough to realize that you need to work ALL THREE DAYS? Well, for those people that I work with that have those shifts, they had to receive an e-mail from the big bosses reminding them of this. And it wasn't just one person! The other thing that annoys me is....if your shift starts at 7:00 am and your job is to answer incoming phone lines that open at 7:00 am, should you consistently show up late....especially if you are THE ONLY PERSON THAT WILL BE THERE AT 7:00 TO ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONES!!!! Does that give you an indicator of how the day started? Then it progressed to the phones never stopping, my big boss asking me why I wasn't answering phones while I was at lunch (not once, but three times during my lunch), finding out that people cannot do what they said they would do ( the proverbial DROP THE BALL) and realizing that this hell will continue again next week because we only have to work three days next week. And I finished up the day in a piss-poor mood, a horrible stomache ache, neck aches, shoulder aches, and having dropped the F bomb about 4,319 times today...and loudly.

Good thing I get a four day weekend...........

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Good day.....

Good day, but it is the weekend yet? I am having to put five days worth of work into three days and it is not working out very well! Year end with stoploss groups really sucks, as Toni can tell you. And it doesn't help that we have everybody and their billy goat out for vacation this week. I will be pleased when we get back to normal 5 days worth of work, 8 hours a day...and is that sad or what.

Mom has finally made her appointment to see a surgeon about getting her cataract off of her eye. I am pretty excited about that since she is always seeing "spots" on everything that are not really there. I told her to make sure that they do not plan the surgery when I will be in Vegas or there will be nobody here to feel sorry for her, since my dad makes the worlds' worst caregiver!

Did I mention that I am looking forward to the weekend...especially one that does not include having to shop for Christmas? I do get to spend an evening with Toni and Rob, which I am very much looking forward to, but other than that, it is just a weekend for Dylan and I. I am so happy that the holidays are almost over. I tried and tried and tried, for Dylan's sake, to look forward to Christmas, but this one was especially hard this year. I am sure it was due to the problems here at home, and I am sure that next year will be better, but HELL!!!!!! I am so glad it is over! Oh, and Christmas day was fun....we got Dylan's mother drunk!

Did I mention how happy I am about this weekend??????