Friday, July 05, 2002

Hella fun.....

The 4th of July get together was a huge success!! Everybody was able to show that RSVP'd ( and thank you again for those people that are able to RSVP for doing so) and it seemed that there was enough fruit, water, and sugar to satisfy every sweet tooth. Casualty of the evening....that would be Danny. I had had enough of his pushing me around during Fly's Up, so I body slammed him and hurt his knee again. Sorry lil' brother. All star of the evening...that would be Brad. New to the game but was able to take on Rob and that is a hero in my book!!! Martha Stewart of the evening.....that would be Shane and Connie for bringing watermelon (Connie), sandwiches (Shane), a big ass knife (Connie) and enough sugar to put ME in a coma (Shane). Cuteness aware would be to Jaydon, Alex, and Brittney because they all got along so well, were so well behaved, and 'cuz Alex kissed me a trillion times AND tried to tackle me AND chanted "Go 'Rene!" while I played volleyball tennis......damn, those three kids are wonderful to have around.

Anyways, update on my big brother. The neck specialist said that his first vertebrae was fine, his second was in powder and slivers, and the third has numerous cracks....but there were no chips moving around so he will just keep him in the hard collar for three weeks, then he goes back for more x-rays and then will stay in the collar for an additional 3 weeks. So the very most he would have to stay in the collar is 8 weeks, but more than likely only 6. The bad part is he has to sleep in a Laz-E-Boy, which he hates. And as for his wife, we find out that test results on her tumor on Monday, so please keep your fingers crossed for her.

Today was insanely busy. I got up and showers and get all pretty and put 5 steaks and 4 chicken breasts to marinade (seperatly of course) for the BBQ tonight. Then I went to Petsmart and Costco with mom, got home at 1:30 and spent the next 4 hours making homemade chicken pasta salad, homemade baked beans, corn on the cob, squash-onions-mushrooms-peppers-garlic combination and then did the bbqing of the meat. Dylan came over to join and crashed for a little while while I finished getting dinner ready. There was so much food that I could have fed the entire group last night!! However, the parents and Dylan seemed to truly enjoy it, so it was all worthwhile.

Shoot, I am hoping to relax tomorrow!!!!


Oh, and yes, you will be hearing out of my mom "Freak out" a lot because I am trying to use FUCK a lot less since it seems that I am associated with that word at my work now because of how often and how loudly I use fucking deal with it!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Not a good night.....

After I had done a whole bunch of yard work last night, I came into the house to relax. As I am winding down, I get a call from my sister in law who lives with my brother Ladd in Oregeon (the ones that own the beautiful camp ground) and she has some bad news. Apparently, Ladd got up Monday night and tripped over his own feet, fell backwards, hit his head on their counter and BROKE HIS NECK!!! Well, his kids woke him up and he said he was fine and WENT TO BED! Well, at about 3:00 am on Tuesday he woke up and couldn't feel parts of his body and rest was in so much pain he couldn't even think. So, they rushed him the ER and when they got home last night she called me. He broke the first and second vertebrae and is in a hard neck cast. He will be seeing one of the best neck trauma doctors today to see if they will be doing anything behond the neck brace....I am praying that is all they will do. But wait, theres MORE!!! Then Debbie proceeds to tell me that last week they found a tumor on her adrenal gland and they are awaiting to find out if 1) it is benign or malignant, and 2) how they will proceed with either chemo, removal of the tumor, or removal of the whole adrenal gland. Soooooo, needless to say, it was a great night! I got to call all the other siblings to let them know, and his ex-wife since it is their kids that are up there for the summer. Tonight I get to call to find out what the specialists have to say. SOOOOOO, if I seem a little preoccupied in the next few days, you will know why. Oh, and did it help my headache.....HELL NO! !!!!!

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

E'splain Lucy....

1) I DO NOT have a soft spot in my heart for midgets. I am phobic of midgets and not in the "Oh my god it is a tumbleweed, I must hyperventilate, cry, and run away." It is the bad kind of phobia...the kind where you want to push them down and punch them. So, yes it is amusing, but no, don't send midgets to me.

2) I will never go see a concert at DV8 again, but I was immensly impressed with Social Distortion. I went from absolutely hating that group, as the lead singer had an incredibly annoying voice, to actually loving them and considering buying most of their stuff.

3) The goose attacked Dylan again

4) Probably one of the very best weekends that I have had in a long time involving lots of rest. However, the headache is not gone and it bloomed into a migraine on Sunday.

5) I will probably want to write more later, but I am exhausted right now.