Saturday, July 26, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday...

Okay, okay, it has been awhile since I blogged, but I have been a bit busy!!!

Tuesday was the official "Lorene has just turned 33" and Toni and Shane made work memorable. I came into my desk being decorated and the most horrendous poster hanging over my desk....a horrible picture Shane had taken some time ago, which NOBODY believed was actually me. Yes, it is the picture on Toni's blog.....bad hair and much heavier version of me!!! However, everyone enjoyed the fun of it, including me. Toni made me a wonderful cheesecake, we had a great lunch, more food, and I finally came home. Tammy, Barb, my folks, and Dylan came over and we had MORE cake from my parents, I got three pairs of pajamas, a robe, two movies, and Dylan bought me one of my statues, which I unfortunately already had and so he took it away.

Wednesday was just a crazy day at work with the phones and projects and people leaving early.

Thursday was another crazy day at work, MORE people leaving early.

Friday, I worked only a half a day, came home and took a nap, then got ready for my birthday barbecue at Dylan's. It was possible one of the most fun days I have ever had!!! The weather was completely out of control! We had all just sat down to eat when the wind started taking out some of the food, blowing papers every where, and the lightening became a little too close for comfort, so we ran for the house! I could NOT believe that everything was moved indoors, by the help of everyone, within 10 minutes! Oh, and the gifts!! Shane and Chet did a whole gift giving centered around my day planner.....which I don't have a day planner, but I do now. Gift certficiates, very cool "woman" tools, and neat things for the barbecue, and things to help me slumber better. Gifts certficates and cards from Toni and Rob, a wonderful cheesecake from Aunt Bernice, more cool barbecue stuff from Dylan's folks, a very cute card and gift certificate from Jeffy, and two VERY BEAUTIFUL statues from Dylan, neither that I already have! I don't think I have ever felt more loved or had more fun in one evening. After eating everything in sight, we all just sat around the kitchen table laughing at every story we had to share and planning up coming outingsl....which to say I am excited for does not even begin to explain. Oh, and CONGRATS again to Shane and Chet for qualifying, and soon to own, a HOME! There are not two other men in my life that I think are more deserving of having this opportunity and I am just so very excited for them! Thanks again to everyone for everything last night!!!

Today has not been good. I was actually awaken from slumber with a migraine, ended up having to take heavy duty drugs and crashing for most of the morning. I then managed to do some shopping and a little cleaning, but now I am starting to feel the effects of the migraine again so I am just giving up for today and am going to rest and try and do stuff tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Dear Diary Monday....

It was the first day for my boss to be back and it was WONDERFUL! I brought in chocolate zucchini bread and made two huge vats of salsa for everyone and we all had a great time!!! It was nice having her back, but believe it or not, it took me until 5 minutes before I left to get completely caught up for the day!!! I have a feeling I won't be getting a great deal of work done tomorrow, so I actually wanted to get ahead of schedule...that did not happen!

On a fantastic note, Jenn Hoffman got a promotion at her work! I could not be more happy, or more proud of that girl. It has been a long, hard fought battle for Jenn to finally be recognized for the remarkable team player and hard worker she is, but they finally have. The most exciting part of it is that she is so happy!!!!!

Yes, I know tomorrow is my birthday and Toni has been rubbing it in every opportunity she can. I actually believe that my "birthday week" is going to be a lot more fun than in many years past. With the actual birthday being tomorrow, the bbq at Dylan's on Friday, and having the entire weekend to myself to go to dinner with the parents, I am looking forward to all of it. And yes Toni, I know I am getting old....and you are not far behind me.......

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday....

Friday was horrible. I took a half day off of work so Dylan and I could play and ended up so sick I had to have Dylan bring me home at 3:00 o'clock and I ended up sick the entire night!!! It was horrible! Just when I thought it was over, it would come back with a vengance!!!

Saturday was a good day. I woke up exhausted but better. Worked in the yard with my Daddy, made zucchini bread, and roasted a whole chicken on the barbecue, which turned out SUPERB!! If you want the recipe, let me know!! After that was over, my kitchen sink decided to completely clog up and I ended up having to take the entire sink apart, run a snake through it, put it back together, and then clean myself and the whole kitchen up! Yes, Betty Crocker and Mrs. Plumber all rolled up into one!

Today has been great. The folks and I went to breakfast, shopping at Petsmart, and then home from Coscto. I was going to go out shopping again but decided I wanted to spend the rest of my day relaxing, watching some boob tube, reading, and taking a nice hot bubble bath!!!

The week is shaping up nicely. I have my birthday party on Friday that Dylan and his wonderful folks are throwing to look forward to, my boss comes back tomorrow (THANK THE GODDESS) and next weekend is....NOTHING!!!! Pathetic, but I enjoy looking forward to a weekend that I don't have a million things planned.

Oh, wonderful omen. A friend of mine at work, a woman who has been a practicing witch for many years I found out, is also a MENTOR and I asked if she would be willing to take me under her wings and she said YES! I am so excited since she is a trained healer!!! She said she has been wanting to ask me for awhile but wanted me to come to her, and I did. She has been doing some fantastic things lately and I can't wait to start learning more. Call me a freak, but I love to LEARN!!!