Saturday, November 16, 2002

Dear Diary Saturday.....

Yesterday could not have been more perfect. I was in to work at 6:00 am, got through more work in four hours than most of our people get through in a week. Left and hooked up with Dylan. We had the best day!! We went to Media Play, Jamba Juice, my sister's work to show her my hair, Dylan SAT on his Jamba Juice in the new Vue so we went to his house to change, got a movie, went to the new Virgin record store, had dinner at McGrath's Fish House, went to Cottonwood Mall, went to his house and watched the movie, ended the evening being stupid and goofy with one another. It was relaxing, amusing, romantic, and best of all, we spent it together which meant more to both of us than anything else. THAT IS WHAT LOVE IS, for all keeping score (wink).

Anyways, another ridiculously busy Saturday. I am going to be helping JJ move today, then I am running home to start putting up Christmas Lights on the house so that my Daddy won't climb up on to the roof AND they are installed before it snows!! I also have about, OH, 7 loads of laundry in my room!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Dear Diary Thursday continued....

The day DID get better. The annoying woman who kept e-mailing me from home (just because YOU are up processing claims before I BECOME HUMAN does not mean you should e-mail me....we are not all "nice" in the AM hours) quit e-mailing me and life was much, much better. I had a wonderful lunch with Sheri today, let her vent about what is going on with her life, and helping her to work through that made things a little nicer. Oh, and hearing from my man also made me smile. AND I am starting to like my hair, which I think is helping a great deal. The only thing that is sucking is that I have a sinus headache that feels like a big vise on the back of my head. Not sure if it is sinus, stress, or both, but I don't like it.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I am working a half day and then I get to spend the day with, AND ONLY WITH, my man. I am not exactly sure of all the details, but neither one of us cares at this point, as long as we are together.

Saturday is JJ MOVING DAY! YEAH! Actually looking forward to doing this since she has EVERYTHING planned down to the most minute detail. Oh, and Toni and Rob are coming to my house so I can follow them there since I am blond and tend to get lost easily! Thank the Goddess for them!!

Dear Diary Thursday....

Let me just tell you how my morning is going already, and mind you it is only 7:30. I was sick this morning, a bad stomache, not sure where that came from. Then I get to work and it seems that the MOMENT I walk into this building people insist on talking to me. I barely get into my chair and I am inundated by people in the building or e-mails. PEOPLE! FUCK OFF UNTIL LATER! I do not want to talk to everyone, I do not want to be cheerful. I want to get my desk cleared off, my early morning work taken care of and THEN AND ONLY THEN will I be in the mood to talk with everyone! JUMPING JESUS ON A FUCKING CRUCIFIX!!! Then in on of the many e-mails I get a note from an HR rep wanting us to call member because she is mad.......WHY! So we can get yelled at for quoting CORRECT INFORMATION!!!

Oh, and NO Toni will not be taking pictures of my hair. If you want to see my hair, you will see me on Saturday. I am not letting everyone look at the 'do until Dylan gets to see it, so SORRY. Plus, I am in no fucking mood to have a picture taken this morning. Sorry again!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Well, it is now official. My job is to do EVERYBODY ELSES' JOB! I was actually told that today, can you believe? I flipped out, it got ugly, I quit speaking, said a few vulgarities, quit speaking some more, got my way, all ended on a good note.

Verdict is still out. Everyone fell in love with my new hair, Toni brought around guided tours of my hair, I had not one bad comment on it except after every compliment, followed by "thank you" I heard..."YOU HATE IT DON'T YOU!" Yes, I hate my hair. I like the color but I think that this is too much for me. Way too sassy. What was the most amusing is somebody actually said to me, "you finally have a hairstyle that fits your personality....wild, sassy, sexy, and powerful!" Now, as complimentary as that is, I still hate my hair. Oh well, it will grow out....some day....I will probably be rotting in my casket, but it will grow out.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Dear Diary Tuesday....

I did it....I got the hair cut and I mean CUT! I now have a new 'do with new color to match. JJ broke in the new "boy" that does our hair at the salon I have been going to. His name is Ryan, awfully damn cute and AWFULLY damn gay, instantly new that I could tell he was gay so he was very open and let me just say, Ryan is BRUTALLY honest in regards to my hair! I like that in a person. If you have ever seen "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan....I now have that hairstyle. I am sure that Dylan will totally hate it because it is messy and to be honest, I am not sure I am liking it. HOWEVER, Toni was squealing on the phone when I told her what I had done (she helped pick out the style I was going for) because ANY drastic change to my hair that makes me uncomfortable, she loves! Gotta love a girl like that!!

Work has been close to hell lately. The workload is overwhelming and I am not sure what to do. I quietly sit at my desk and do my job, don't allow the stress to take its toll on my attitude so I won't jump down anyones throat and then come home and work out. Today I did a full hour.....20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 minutes on the eliptical, and then ab workouts. It was exhausting, but all of the stress was put to good use. I am also, with the help of JJ who is a marvel at these things, will be trying the Diabetic Diet and see if we can cut some carbs out. Once she pointed out what "carbs" are (yes, I am stupid) I found out that I am a carbaholic!! Oh well, all for the sake of a healthier body and mind.....or at least body....will work on the mind in the next life!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Dear Diary Sunday.....

I told you I was going to do this......JEFFY HAS A GIRLFRIEND.......and I couldn't be happier.....I am so proud.......damn, just give him a hug, okay!

Anyways, Saturday just keeping going and going and going....and never felt like it was going to end. I finally fell exhausted into bed after finishing the gutters (cleaning and calking), doing laundry, cleaning, doing some winterizing around the windows of the house, cleaning the hamster cage, getting my closet a little more organized, and getting some initial prep work for today's dinner started. I am NEVER doing that much shit in one day again!! Sorry Yogi that I didn't make it to the going away, but I am sure it was a hell of a lot of fun!

Today has been much less busy and far more fun. I made a HUGE turkey dinner for the folks, my brother, and fact, Dylan is on his way over to eat it. I also did some very minor cleaning, and have spent some time on the phone with one of my bestest "boys" in the whole world giggling like a stupid girl!! All I can say is WOW and that is in a good way!!! Dinner consisted of sage basted turkey, green beans with onions, garlic, and bacon topped off with mozarella cheese, yams, buttermilk biscuits, salad, gravy, corn on the cob, sage stuffing and cranberries. My daddy goes crazy for turkey, so he gorged himself. I have to say, and sorry if this is bragging, but it was the best turkey I have ever cooked! If you ever want the inside scoop on how to have a moist turkey, let me know!!!

Oh and honey-bear......candles and plants, candles and plants, they are your friends, candles and plants......