Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

Oh gawd was I irritable last night! I got home from a truly shitty day at work (I HATE MY BOSS) and took my Mom to see my cousin Sharon in the hospital. Problem is that I had a headache all day and was tired and not really in the mood for chatting...but my Mom sure was ! All the way to the nails on a chalk board! So, we visit with my cousin Sharon and the doctors are trying to give her a few days in the hospital, draining her stomach through a tube in her nose and then see if her body "kicks in" or if they have to do surgery. And then her husband, my cousin Denny, came to hang out and he has surgery on July 2nd to remove the tumor that has wrapped itself around three nerves....his optical nerve, his auditory nerve, and his facial nerves. He will totally lose his hearing, which he is okay with, but get sensation back in his face and won't lose his eye sight. It was great to see them. Then Mom and I headed to Costco, which was a side trip that I did not know we were going to do.....and with her continuining her yapping. I finally made it home, Dylan and I had dinner, and I went to bed......alone......not to hear anymore talking.....YAY!

Today, I woke up and the headache is only there slightly, which makes me happy. But I got a very irritating call just before our phone system came on, from a co-worker with children, of course. I have decided that the next time one of my children pukes up a hairball or just seems to be a bit warm or WHAT-THE-FUCK-EVER, I am calling in sick to be with them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Work did not end on a happy note yesterday. I first got a call from my Mom that my really wonderful cousins that live not far from us had a bad, bad day yesterday. My cousin Sharon has Crone's disease and her husband called her from work on Monday afternoon and she seemed "out of it". So he called their daughter, who lives very close to go and get her Mom. She rushed her to the ER and they admitted her immediatly. Apparently she has some type of bowel obstruction and will be in the hospital for AT LEAST five days, if not longer. They are flushing her out the best they can and then they will decide if she needs, or can survive, a surgery. The last time she had surgery, they called the whole family in to say "good bye" since she was not suppose to live.

Her husband also has an appointment with a neurosurgeon today. He has been deaf in one ear for years and years and years and a doctor just happened to take an x-ray and found a HUGE tumor that is laying across his ear canal in his brain. Now they are going to perform brain surgery to remove the tumor, probably within the next few days, and hopefully it will be benign but the doctor won't know until they actually get in there. News that my poor Daddy did not need to hear about his other favorite nephew.

Then my boss decided to be a big jerk and made some really rude comments to a few of us yesterday. Again, comments that HE thinks are funny but are really hurtful. He told one girl that she shopped at the DI for her clothes. He told me, after I went to lunch and he thought I went to lunch with some old colleagues, that "I didn't need to give my written notice, I just needed to let him know when my last day was and he has a box ready for me" and then he told another co-worker of mine, who one a call coding contest, that "She could tell herself anything she wanted to make herself feel better" about how good she was doing. And the cap was when him and a team lead went over to another person's desk and snooped through her shopping bags (she went shopping on her lunch to Victoria Secrets) and took out the new bras she just bought! By the time I got home, I was almost in tears. And all this happened after I was REALLY nice and volunteered to forgo my day off on Friday and come in to make sure we had good phone coverage since there was more than two people off on my team. FUCK THAT SHIT NOW!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I woke up with a HORRIBLE migraine the point that I gagged a few times while getting ready, but I had to "man up" and come into work because I am still not caught up from being off last Friday. To me, that is just total insanity that taking one day off puts you THAT far behind in work! And I have this Friday off and I am sincerely considering not taking it off just because of the stress I have come back too. Oh well, we will see what happens.

I stopped by my folks house last night and took my Mom shopping. She has been under some pretty dark clouds the last week because she is very upset at one of her friends, who happened to be coming over to the house last night to pick up some I needed to get her away for awhile. So, we headed to the bank, the store, took our time walking around, and by the time we got home, they had come and gone and she had missed them.

I then headed home to make dinner with Dylan and watch a bit of TV. I then relaxed in bed and started to read a new book....and fell sound asleep! I don't recall the last time I fell asleep while reading so I must have been very tired....or maybe it was the precursor to my migraine this morning, not sure which.

If it doesn't let up soon, I might have to actually give in and go home.......gawd, I don't want to do that!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

Dylan's birthday weekend was a huge success! He had so much fun and I could not be more happy.

Thursday I left work a couple of hours early, and unfortunately, I was not feeling well from doing 23 flights of stairs the day before. We went to Weight Watchers that night, then grabbed dinner at home and then I got into a hot tub of water and turned the jets on until I could no longer stand it.

Friday, we got up and started SHOPPING for his birthday. Also, I will still not feeling well that day and my legs kept giving out on me. However, I "maned" up and just had a really good time with Dylan. We got him some new CD's and a few other things.

Saturday was "the day" and we met everyone to go to the "friends and family" event at IKEA. And it was SOOOOO much fun! Thanks again to Toni and Rob for such a wonderful day and Dylan and I were soooooo impressed with the place and how happy Rob is with is job. You can tell that Rob is going to be moving up in the company very, very quickly!!! After that, we went and did some more shopping, had dinner and headed home.

Sunday we did out normal grocery shopping, grabbed some lunch, and went for a drive....and found Butterfield canyon. It was sooooo beautiful and we had so much fun looking at the scenery. We then headed home and watched "Pan's Labyrinth" with is stunningly beautiful in the imagery but an extremely depressing movie....and I loved it! Finally, we had to part ways for Dylan to go to work and I had to go to bed to get ready for work today.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend for him. We got him a lot of fun things for his birthday, didn't watch any calories and ate whatever we wanted, enjoyed really good company of friends and family...what more could we ask for!