Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

The weight in went really well! Dylan lost 6.4 lbs and I lost 1.4 lbs! YAY FOR US!! It was nice to see that huge smile cross his face since he thought he was not going to be down any amount.

This week has been very difficult at work due to a person who THINKS they are being humourous but is actually being an asshole. But, I think with the fact that I pointed out to them that they are being an asshole has least that person is know kissing my ass like crazy. Not that I like the "kissing up" but the comments that they were making that they thought were funny but actually ended up hurting a lot of people's feelings, has stopped....and that is what I care about.

The good news about this week, other than the weightloss, I was contacted by an old friend!! I love surprises like that!! I now have an e-mail address and a cell phone number so we don't lose contact again....thank gawd for mutual friends!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

Friday ended up NOT being as fun as I was hoping. I had to fast all night and morning and went in for my VERY FIRST EVER set of bloodwork in my entire life....and it was AWESOME! The guy that took my bloodwork had me laughing and comfortable, took the vials without me even really knowing he was doing it. And as a "first timer" with a horrible fear of needles, he is now my new hero. I then went to the doctor and now have a whole bunch more doctor appointments I need to make. BUT I know what I am in for with blood work, so I am not at all nervous. After that was FINALLY over, and it took forever, Dylan and I finally went to get something to eat and then I was soooo tired he took me home for a nap. It was actually a pretty fun day after we got through with the doctors because we watched a couple of movies..."The Night Listener" and "Crank"....both movies I would strongly recommend.

Saturday we did some running around, got breakfast, did some more running around, and then headed home to watch "Black Dahlia Murders" and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend".....Black Dahlia was incredibly boring and we turned it off and Ex-Girlfriend was cute and mindless.

Sunday I spent the entire day with my folks doing some shopping and then some stuff around their house. I finally got home rather late, Dylan had not been sleeping well so he ended up sleeping later than normal, and he went and got us dinner and we watched our last movie...."The Illusionist" which was actually better than I expected. All in all, it was a wonderful three day weekend that I got to spend with my honey.