Friday, January 09, 2004

Dear Diary Friday...

I went to work and I busted out a whole bunch of projects today. I was very pleased with what was accomplished, even though my head feels very heavy with cold. If it would just start to drain and relieve the pressure, I would be happy. I did not want to take a decongestant at work, as they make me very, very wired. However, I made it through the entire day and lived and kept a positive attitude, and for that I am happy.

This weekend is MY weekend to actually be sick and maybe, just maybe, accomplish a few little things that have been bothering me...Like cleaning my downstairs. My mom having removed her latest quilt, I need to vacuum up her room, clean the bathroom, clean my den....And do it when I know it is not going to make me start coughing or sneezing...Probably Sunday.

Poor Dylan....He sounded a tiny bit better today, but still needs to hide away from humanity until he is well. I hate it so much when he gets sick because I worry about him. I wonder how soon it will be before it moves into his chest or how long he is going to keep it. My thoughts, my blessing, my energy is being sent his way so that he can kick this personal demon of his.

I have some exciting new changes, some new beginnings I am going to try next week. I am not going to post them yet, but let's just say that people surrounding me in my life have started these new changes and I believe, since it is something I have been thinking about for awhile now, that it is the Fates way of kicking me in the ass. Thank you to those that have motivated me, who have spoken to me, who have patted me on the back to make me want to "go for it"!

Speaking of motivation, being sick has not been a great motivator to go to the gym. Therefore, I have been trying to exercise a bit at home and I think it is helping me keep my energy up and my positive attitude on track. I have discovered, thanks to a very great friend, that I can be positive AND still enjoy my darker side of humor, my hard honesty, and sometimes, even be a bitch...Because it is all that makes up who I am.....And I am still loved for it!

Positive thought: Be who you are, love yourself for who you are, for you are a beautiful person that brings beautiful people into your life.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

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Dear Diary Thursday....

Not such a good day. I ended up finally coming down with a cold. This always happens when I start back to the gym, usually the first week. I view it as my immune's systems way of building up a defense against every known disease that creeps around the gym due to all of the little children and adults who can not, and refuse, to wash their hands. I ended up toughing it out at work yesterday, came home and was in bed by 6:30, made it in to work today, but left at 10:00 am. I decided that I would "allow" myself to be sick for this day and then tomorrow, back to the grind and push my way through it. I will be back at the gym tomorrow with the same vigor I have had this week. Unfortunately, Dylan has got a cold and it is REALLY bad. He has the icky voice, sore throat, and just has it really bad. And with him, I always worry that it will go into bronchitis, which he holds on to for months at a time. Therefore, he is not allowed to go out and play for the entire weekend and I hope that will help him get rid of it. We both stayed in our warm houses today and slept the entire day.

Good news....I have not been eating the normally junkier food since I started going back to the gym. However, if I have a craving, like for chocolate, I have a piece of chocolate....not the whole vat. One thing I have learned from all of my reading, if your body is saying it wants something, there is a reason for it. And if you deny your body all the time, that is when you start having a problem with binging.

Speaking of the gym, I saw the most amazing woman at the gym! She had an incredibly curvy figure and here is the best part....I fell in love with her hair!!!! She had a longer bob and it was dark brown underneath and the top was pieced through with striking blond and it looked incredible! Plus, she and I continuously smiled at each other when we were in the track. I love the fact that the majority of the people at my gym are so gracious and so genuinely nice....always smiling! I even had a large group of Polynesian men all yell at me "Thank you honey" when their basketball made its way up to the track during the game they were playing. No snickering, no meanness...they were just nice. I love that! I think alot of this is coming from within, wanting to be more positive about the world, about myself, about life in general. It is a fact that what you radiate outwards is drawn towards you. Therefore, I am radiating my true spirit...the one that is strength, that is vibrant, that is beautiful, that is energetic, that is full of positive life and I can see it coming back already.

Positive thought for the day: It is okay to allow yourself to be sick, just view it as a learning experience for your immune system and know that you are stronger for it.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Another wonderful day! I managed to get even more caught up and accomplished today. I ate rather well today, watching the portions again, and managed to make it to the gym and do another 60 minutes and add an additional lap to the track WITH weights today. I have not done a whole lot since I got home, but I am a bit sore, so I feel alright with being lazy.

My poor friend, Connie! She was a miserable lady today at work, in excrutiating pain. I worry about her and about her not really taking care of herself like should. Thankfully, she has an appointment with a back specialist on Monday and I may get to go and pick her up, depending on what they do to the poor child! I am sending lots and lots of positive energy her way that this pain can come to an end soon.

Talked with Shane a bit today and he is back to the grind of his work after being off for a couple of week. I am not sure if there is anything worse than going to your job after being away for two weeks to see what surprises have been left for you to resolve! I know I will be sending him a lot of energy, as I have a feeling he is going to need.

The bad part of today was when Dylan called me first thing this morning in pretty bad pain with HIS back! Fortunately, he has a wonderful doctor who got him in today, adjusted him, and Dylan was good to go to work! He sounded much better after he left the doctor....Thank the Goddess!

Positive thought for the day: Keep yourself motivated with the knowledge of what you are doing for yourself with spread in it's positive energy to others.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Dear Diary Monday....

It was a GREAT DAY! I woke up in a fabulous mood, went to work and I accomplished a great deal....Which to me means a GREAT DAY! I know that is sick and wrong, but I really enjoy getting a whole bunch of stuff done and being able to leave my job knowing that I got everything finished plus more. I then came home, changed, headed to the gym and did a full hour. I was not expecting to start off that way, but it just felt so good. Unfortunately, most of West Valley also decided to go back to the gym, so it got very crowded very quickly. I have since been home and finished up some work that I brought home (just reading), took a nice bubble bath, straightened up my room, decided on my attire for tomorrow, and will be packing a lunch. I want to be able to go to sleep tonight with little to nothing on my mind. Oh, and I was even really good about what I ate today, and Toni was even nice and kept me on the right track (thanks Tonster!). It is so wonderful to have such a great friend who is my cheering section and helps me make good decisions, even though she thinks dieting is for the idiots...Like me. I know it is really only the first day, but I feel really positive about the changes I want to make, and they are not so unrealistic that I won't be able to keep to them.

The week is looking like it will be a good one. I have a lot of work to catch up on, but I know I can do it. I also plan on starting some small projects around the house that I have been putting off....Like assembling the greenhouse my father got for Christmas AND putting all the Christmas stuff in the shed. Hopefully the weather won't be against me this weekend!