Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday...

Wow, what a strange but long week.

Monday night I ended up going on a "pig rescue" with my friend Kjori. Without going into lengthy details lets just say we videotaped her neighbors torturing some pigs. By the next morning at 5:00 am, those pigs were gone. I have not got all the details yet but all I care about is that those individuals do not have the pigs and Kjori no longer has to hear them screaming next to her home. I also had an appointment with Dylan's chiro doctor who was wonderful.

Tuesday we got a new kitten. Her name is Reagan.....after "The Exorcist" and she is beautiful.

Wednesday I had another appointment with the chiro doctor. This time I left feeling nauseated. I attribute it to the toxins that are released into your body after you get an adjustment or a massage.

Thursday....have not felt good all day and left work at 2:00 and came home and napped. Dylan got us dinner and we have just been relaxing. We are now on our way to Chet and Shanes to return their carpet cleaner and to FINALLY see their beautiful yard.....I can't wait!!

The rest of the week and weekend is totally dedicated to just Dylan and I and spending some much needed time together.

Also, much love out to Toni and to Rob with Rob having surgery tomorrow. It is much needed, long awaited, and will make his life much easier.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Dear Diary Tuesday....

Imagine my surprise when I get a phone call early this morning from Dylan, asking what the hell I had done this morning in the laundry room. Imagine his surprise when I told him I NEVER go into the basement in the morning....why would I? And then he explains that he went into the laundry rom this morning, where the door is ALWAYS closed, to find an entire container of liquid detergent spilled into a HUGE puddle in the middle of the floor, the empty jug next too the puddle, but the cap that you use to pour the liquid detergent in sitting full NEXT too the puddle. Yeah, my morning started out great. THANKFULLY I have a wonderful best friend, Shane, who came to the rescue with his mighty carpet cleaner and managed to clean the entire mess up and it looks SPARKLING!!!!

Then top that off with when I get home and I go to pick up my mom to go to the gym and she informs me that the girl across the street is anxiously awaiting my arrival because she found a black kitten with its head stuck in her fence this morning! Luckily she found the cat before her dog did or it would have been dog meat. Well, I went over to her house and the kitten came out to greet me. She is gorgeous! Short hair, pure black, orange eyes. Needless to say, it is sitting on my lap right now while I am typing. So, we are now up to four cats at this house and 10 cats at the folks house! Now I am just waiting for Dylan to decide on the name.....hopefully something befitting a witches familiar.....

Oh and if you have not heard, Dylan and I have FINALLY set the date for our wedding.....October 2005. Wish me luck that I won't hyperventilate/vomit/pass out/need to be committed before then......

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

The weekend has been great...and not at all what I expected!

Friday I got a call from my Mom notifying me that my Daddy did not want Dylan and I going to the reunion with them because "he wanted to drive" and I apparently cramp his freedom. Fine. Dylan and I decided to go do some shopping and dinner, and to Furburbia....which was not such a good idea because I met the "housemate" of our Al....and his name is Damian and he is BEAUTIFUL. However, we did manage to leave without him.

Saturday was clean, clean, CLEAN the house day with Dylan and I don't think I have ever done so much laundry! However, the house is totally immaculate. We then started getting ready for the barbecue, which ended up being the most fun I have had in a very long time! The food that I made was terribly mediocre but the food that everyone brought was WONDERFUL. Thank you to Toni and Rob for coming early and helping out and keeping us entertained. Oh, and Poor Rob! Not only is his leg still in pain, he got the WORST blood nose while he was at our house! Anyways, back the party fun. The company was totally delightful and the three "surprise" guests of Jeffy, Michelle, and Jer-Bear was wonderful! And "surprise" because we totally did not expect them to be able to make it!!! We drank, we ate, we sat around and laughed until 1:00 am and it was just a fantastic time. Next barbecue, more food, more drink and many more people!! Now that we have had the "dry run" for parties, we know that we can have more folks at the house! I am actually back into the mode of WANTING to organize get togethers and parties again!!!! WOO HOO!

Anyways, today will be shopping with my Mom and then to dinner with Dylan an dhis folks....which will be a great time.

All in all, what a fantastic, energizing, wonderful weekend. Thank you to everyone for being such wonderful friends, loving and giving of yourself without expectations and limitations to your friendship. My arms and my home are always open to my friends.