Friday, January 11, 2002

Good day.......

That is because I am not at work!

Took mom to her doctor appointment today and she is having surgery on the 30th to remove her one, and only cataract. The procedure is very simple and only takes 18 minutes. However, they will have to put her under for three minutes because the cataract has made her eye so sensitive that she cannot handle having the surgery without a local anesthesia and her eye numbed by needles...which is an option not to have all of that. I am taking that day off work to hang with her. Soooo, I am not at work!

Work was hell yesterday, and it was all because of my piss poor attitude. I finally sent my supervisor an e-mail and explained my dissatisfaction of what is going raise, my workload multiplied by 8, no help, etc, etc, etc. When I called her today to let her know I was taking the 30th off, she told me she had read my e-mail, completely understood why I was upset and would be talking with me tomorrow about it. Yes, I am working on Saturday. She sounded really positive so I am not sure if I should be happy or worried. She might just be excited to show my ass the door!

All in all, my decision to start working on things meant for my happiness has been implemented and is working for me. No more biting my tongue when I think it will just hurt somebody's feelings. I don't like doing that because it just leaves it bottled up inside of me. So, if you thought I was a bitch before......! Anyways, we will see what type of impact this will have.

Ahhh.....the weekend!

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

huh? day.........

Well, the evening ends nicely...I have The Boogeyman on my lap and he is enjoying watching me type...biting me every now and then to let me know he loves me...what more can a girl ask for?

Anyways, didn't make it to the gym tonight either. I got home and mom was over at the neighbors for her b-day, I was tired and felt crampy and so decided to do some stretching....a little yoga...a little relaxing. And here I am, blogging and IMing with one of my boys.

Work was not good. I got in, kept caught up with everything, the phones were manageable, until I found out that this CUNT that I work with, who is in a different department, has a problem with me not being on the phones full-time. Here is my response..."If you would like to do my job, have it. If you have a PROBLEM with what I do, talk to ME about it and not everybody else." Well, I was vocal about that, so I am sure it got back to her. But, that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. I didn't work late, didn't do a helluva lot, so I have a ton of work to go into tomorrow.

Got some "issues" that I need to sort through. I am not sure if I am happy with my life right now. I have a lot of things that I want to change. I am looking into taking some classes...a couple at the gym and a couple through continuing education. I also am having the NEED to start looking into a major purchase....I want to invest in a house...of course, close to the folks. Ever feel like there is too much you want to do, and not enough time in your life to do it in? That is where I am at today. Actually, it is just not today, it has been building. I think the 'New Year" has just brought it to a head.

Well, time to go meditate and do a couple of spells. I will be thinking about you.

Scotty......sending a couple your way.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Good day...kinda......

Well, I ended up staying home yesterday from work. And like Toni said, "I had to be on my deathbed before I would miss work...". And I was. I got up, thinking that I could get it together and go in...that was until I opened a can of cat food and then it was all over. I ended up on the couch all day, not eating, not sleeping, and dealing with a fever that would not stop! However, I pulled it together, went into work today, and even came home and worked on my stair stepper. I have just decided that I do not have time to be sick!!

Speak of work, when I got there today I had 35 faxes to deal with! I got that all taken care of and my IN box was out of control. By 3:00 I had the faxes and the IN box handled, only too look at the fact that I had 27 more faxes....which I also handled. However, my "bitch" of the day is this....if I have 19.5 comp hours and I am using 8 of those today and another 8 on Friday....why do I not get over time this weekend? Anything I work this weekend will be considered straight time or comp time....YEAH!! But in the long run, things will work out because that means less PTO I have to use to go to Vegas in February.

Speaking of is almost TIME! I am sooooo looking forward to going. I don't think I have looked forward to a vacation as much as I am this one. I think that since things have finally settled down at home, the holidays are over with, I am trying to get back to my work out routine, and I am doing a lot more with my "witchy" side, I am really enjoying life. Well, that probably just jinxed the hell out of my life! But anyways, VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS! Dylan and I have decided that this trip is our "Valentine" to each other and we will just do dinner or something for the actual Valentines Day thingy. I have decided to go and buy some new pj's because the new ones that I have are about, oh, 3 sizes to big, but I love them that HUGE, but that is not very cool to wear around him. Oh, the downside is that the pool is under maintenance at the time that we are there, so no swimming....which I am sure Dylan will be THRILLED with since I bug and beg him to go swimming with me...AND HE WON'T!

Well, only Wednesday and Thursday are left....officially...for my work week. I will be going in for four hours on Saturday, but I think that will be fun since pretty much ALL OF CUSTOMER service wants to go in on Saturday.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.........

Oh, did I mention that when you play with spells that you leave a "footprint" that others can follow if you don't do it right? Food for thought..........

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Bad PLUS yucky......

Well, I have either 1) the flu, 2) reaction to too many Excederin Migraines and Tagamets or 3) appendicitis.....haven't decided which one yet.

I have been feeling really crummy all weekend, had to call every night with Dylan an early night. We didn't get together on Friday, I worked late. Saturday we hung out and then I had him take me home because I started to feel like I had a fever, sore throat, exhausted.....all the "cold like" symptoms. Well, went home and had the worst night of restless sleep....couldn't get enough air to breath, tossed and turned...all night long. Got up this morning, still felt crappy, took a Tagamet, did some cleaning and laundry, took a shower and thougth I could do it. Went out with Dylan, made it through dinner and new I was done. Started to get stomache cramps again, nausea, cold chills, pains....all that fun stuff.

Now, why do I think it is appendicitis? Well, because I am paranoid and a hypochondriac. I think I actually had it removed when I had my gallbladder but I can't remember. I have always been paranoid that it was going to go bad since my mother's did and my father's did and I had a relative who died, albeit over 100 years ago, from a ruptured one. SOOOOO......

Anyways, looking forward to a normal work week....all five days, well, four days. I am off Friday for my mom's doctor appointment, but other than that, it is looking normal. I also need to remember to ask to get off early on the 18th for the folk's anniversary.....gonna take them to dinner!!!

Scottie, Scottie, Scottie....if only we could be living a bit closer....I could come visit you, we could go out to dinner and have some drinks and then go hang out and do stuff to make you laugh. Or just go walk around and talk. Whatever would make you happy. I miss being with you. I miss sitting out on the back porch in the summer and talking to you on the phone........I miss you. I wish I could be closer just to give you a hug....especially when I can tell you need it. But the good news for you is that I sent you really good, positive thoughts all day and thought about the CARE package I am going to send......if you will give me some more hints of what you like...........