Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dear Diary Wednesday...

I got to meet the first of my Dad's "new" doctors...this one is a internal medicine/geriatric specialist and I HATE him. However, my Dad seems to like him and that is what matters. We spent two hours at the doctor after work yesterday....and I felt it was time well wasted. The doctor was at the end of his shift and was so exhausted (he also walks dogs every night for the Humane society, which is a star in his favor, and also has worked the ER this week) that he almost fell asleep during his "interview" of my Dad....TWICE. He wrote a freakin' novel about my Dad's history...medical and personal. And all he pretty much did was get a urine sample and listen to his heart. He is waiting for medical records from PVH and the U of U and to see what my Dad's next two doctors have to say before we proceed. Proceed with what you ask? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA! Yep, hated him.

After the doctor, we then had to fly to the bank, and got there just moments before they closed. And then I took the folks home and got them fed and settled in for the night. My poor Mom is so exhausted that she is past the point of being able to I am hoping last night she caught a few winks. It has been a non-stop parade of visitors and phone calls and I know that my Mom has been just saturated to the point where she is becoming more than a little irritated. One day, just ONE day without a house full of company and she would be okay. I am going to get her out a couple of times this week to do some shopping, and then I think she will be alright.

So again, another night where I get to spend about 15 minutes with Dylan before he leaves for work and I go to bed. I am hoping tonight that he and I can spend a bit more time together...we need to go grocery shopping!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Oh yesterday was CRAZY...but a great day. I managed to stay away from MOST sugars and kept to my Weight Watcher lifestyle. The only thing I had that I shouldn't have...and is going to take me awhile to ween myself from it, was a Diet Coke. Other than that, I did GREAT. I did not manage to make it to the gym and ended up having to spend some quality time at my folks house. Oh yeah, let me fill you in on that little episode.

Work has been insane so I ended up taking some work home to do, which I know I can do much faster at home because of less interuptions. I went home, fed the cats, let the dogs outside, and ran to my folks house to check on them. They were doing okay, but my Dad looked kind of bad. I asked if he was okay, because I figured he was tired from the non-stop amount of visitors he had yesterday AND the home health physical therapist, and he looked at me with this incredibly sad look and said, "Yes honey, I am doing fine....I just missed you yesterday and today." Way to break a daughters heart.....

So, I ran back home, took care of the animals, got all of my brough home work done in one hour.....and ran back over to my folks house....just in time for the Relief Society to show up with a whole bunch of food! Anyways, I hung out and got them all settled in and fed for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, got my Mom into a hot tub of water with some baking soda because she is COVERED in hives and just needed a few moments to herself, sat down with my Dad and looked over some seed magazines so we can start ordering what we want to plant this Spring, and got them both ready for bed (that involves getting their beds turned down and the house REALLY obnoxiously warm)...and they loved every single moment of it. I left them with absolutely nothing to do the rest of the night other than to relax in front of the TV and calm their nerves and spirits. I know I am going to have to make a much larger effort to spend QUALITY time with them, versus just QUANTITY...and yesterday really proved to me that there is a difference.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Dear Diary Monday...

Dad came home on Saturday and it was like seeing a child open a present he has been waiting all year for... and it was awesome. He was so happy to be in his own home, his own bed, his own chair. After I got him home, I made sure that both of my parent's had breakfast and then I went outside and got their yard all cleaned up....and what that means is that I cleaned out all the dead plants and raked the grass...might as well start getting ready for Spring since there is absolutely no snow on the ground and I doubt we will have any this Winter.

I spent Sunday doing what was good for ME....relaxing. I did some laundry, let the dogs play outside most of the day and just watched TV. It was nice not being concerned about how everything else was, what I could do for somebody else....and just spent the day getting my energy back. I am going to be needing that energy because this week I am starting my good eating habits again and going to the gym.....and really looking forward to it.

This time around, not only will I be doing my Weight Watchers but I am also going to attempt to slowly cut out sugars....not totally but having it be a very small part of what I eat. That means I am going to attempt to cut out soda pop (even the diet kind that I only drink) and anything else with refind sugar in it. After reading my healthy magazines (Self, Fitness, etc), they all discuss how bad sugar really is for your metabolism, and I believe it. I pretty much lived on sugar the entire time my Dad was in the hospital and in rehab and when I would "crash" it was HORRIBLE. Time to clean up my lifestyle and be healthy and happy again. I am sure that in this go around I can be more stringent about what I take into my body. I just need to start doing what is good for me so that I can be more positive and helpful to others.

This week is going to be a bit busy for me. Tonight I go back to the gym and then take Mom to do some grocery shopping. After I get home, I plan on making dinner and finishing up some laundry. Tomorrow is my Dad's first doctor appointment, then the gym, then dinner. Wednesday is the gym and then Dylan and I need to do some grocery shopping. Thursday is the gym and then cleaning my house....which is a PIG STYE. Friday is two doctor's appointments and then dinner with friends. Saturday is cleaning, doing some yardwork, helping out the folks with whatever they need, and then a "date night" for Dylan and I. Sunday.....Sunday is going to be my relaxing day.....I hope.