Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Mood....wonderful, really, really wonderful.

This week has been busy, but I think I am handling it better than I did last week. I am pacing myself a bit more so that I can get more accomplished here at work but still be able to go home and enjoy myself. However, that is a problem unto itself. Home has been hectic this week also.

Last night I had Toni, Rob, Michelle, Jeremy, Shane, and Dee over to dinner and to start discussing "The Wedding". I guess it is official...Shane made me pick a date. Looks like calendars need to be set for Saturday, September 24th. It was such a wonderful evening, full of so much love, great ideas, and just postive energy. I never thought I would say this but I think I am actually looking forward to this event. If nothing else, I can see a very strong business idea starting to brew between Shane and Michelle....which I think would be fantastic!!!!!!

We also got to see the floor plans for the 2nd Breeze/Rickett home and I could not be more excited for my two boys! It is going to be spectacular and I can only begin to imagine what ideas they have planned for the decorating!! I think I am going to appoint myself the official "Wild Life Whisperer" and see how many deers and mountian lions we can domesticate for them, especially since I know that Shane is SUCH an animal lover!!!! * wink*.

Well, the countdown is one for Toni getting scooped out. I am so excited for this for her because I just feel it is going to help her out in so many ways. And the best part.....she gets to be off work for 6 weeks and to relax away from here. Her department takes such advantage of her that I can't wait to watch them sink while she is gone. I know that is not very nice of me, but they will truly learn to appreciate what they have while she is away. Send your positive energy and good thoughts to her speedy recovery.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...


I did not believe Dylan when he said we would have snow on Sunday but guess what I woke up to this morning!! Good thing I like snow.

Weekend was good. Dylan and I went to the Olive Garden on Friday and then to see "Boogeyman" which was a disappointment. But fortunately the evening with Dylan made up for it. Saturday I scrubbed the house while he put in some overtime and then we went to the Netzlers for an AWESOME dinner and fantastic company. I am so impressed with how the basement turned out. Thanks again Toni and Rob!! Sunday I came into work and then crashed and watched the Superbowl until I was so tired I went to bed. My body is fighting off a bit of a cold so I am letting it get as much sleep as it needs. There is nothing better for your immune system than sleep.

The drive through the snow this morning was fun. I actually managed to skid across ALL lanes of traffic on the freeway and come inches from the guardrail on an overpass....all without hitting another vehicle, stopping my car, OR damaging the guardrail! YEAH!!!! It was a few seconds of terror, but nothing out of the ordinary. PLUS, it happens to be a curve on the freeway that I do slow down because I know how icy it gets, so all's good.

I am irritated today. I told two people some news on Friday and by Friday afternoon the ENTIRE company seemed to know about it. These were two people that I thought I could trust, I believed could keep their mouth's shut, but I was wrong. It is nothing major that the company would not find out about, but it is still irritating when you can't trust somebody you had believed you could. Oh well, another valuable lesson taught to me by the Fates. There are reasons why I don't hang out with co-workers, other than Toni, and this is one of those reasons.

Here is to wishing you all a fabulous Monday!!