Friday, August 03, 2007

Dear Diary Friday...

Dylan is being a MASSIVELY WONDERUL HUSBAND today and cleaning the house, as well as, picking up all the fallen plums in the backyard. He is going to vacuum the whole house, do a bunch of laundry, and just stuff like that to make things look (and smell) nicer for me when I get home. Now, how sweet is that!

Tomorrow, I am getting my windshield replaced AGAIN and am looking forward to it because the crack in the windshield just seems to be growing larger and larger and larger! And speaking of cars, Dylan took his in to get serviced yesterday and we walked out $150.00 poorer because the Service Engine Soon light came on and there were two problems that they had to correct. AARRGGHHH!!!

Other than that, today is just very quiet at work. I had reports that I completed this morning and have taken care of my e-mails and some other stuff, so now I get an opportunity to play around on line....which I am LOVING because I have not been able to do that in many, many weeks. And I think I need a "down day" today as well...a day where I don't have to think!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

I have spent a lot of time this week meditating, getting my thoughts a lot more centerred, and spending more time thinking about what I am capable of doing instead of spending time thinking negative thoughts....and it has actually helped me a lot at work! I know it is going to take me a long while to learn all of the new products I need to learn, along with learning the quirks of my new clients, but I am really starting to enjoy it....and that is where I need to be in the new position I have.

I decided that I can not afford to have another weekend ruined. Last weekend (other than the party), I was in a complete turmoil. I felt my anger level at a whole new high, I was nipping at anyone and anything that spoke to me, I was crying at the drop of a hat, and I did not sleep at all. I was a true mess and it was nobody's fault but my own. SOOOO, I did some thinking and I have been on a much better course....not only at work but outside of work as well. It has actually been a VERY enjoyable week and I am really looking forward to my weekend.

The weekend is going to involve me doing my birthday shopping, which Dylan and I have not been able to do yet. Not sure what I am getting, but I believe it will involve clothes and maybe some books, oh, and the new Korn CD.

The powers of my "job hunting" for my brother are STILL paying off. He has a wonderful full time job, but the benefits are not exactly what he thought they would be. Since starting at the new job, he has gone on interviews (multiple) with two other employers who are REALLY interested in him and who have AMAZING benefits, including (are you ready for this?) full retirement packages! AND there was a call from a placement agency to my folks house asking if he was employed, to which my Mom answered "yes" he is and they asked WHO created his resume' because they were wondering if they would be willing to work with other temporaries in creating such professional resume's. How nice was that?! All in all, things have really turned around for my brother finally.

The cousins are doing okay. My cousin Sharon, who has Chrone's disease, is home and doing better than expected. She is a complete medical miracle to all of the doctors she has been seen by, but we are not out of the woods yet....but we see light at the end of the tunnel. They sent her home with a drainage tube directly into her stomach which is draining her other words, the whole in her stomach is actually being used as a butthole. She can not eat or drink and gets fed using a TPN unit, which they now have got under control so she will not be slipping into diabetic comas. We made her some pads to go underneath her to help her with the drainage AND she is up and walking about her own house. All of the holes have healed but two and the doctors are being VERY optimistic that they think they might close as well.

My other cousins, Bev and Gary (Gary has the cancer) are doing just okay. We should hear back this week on what the doctors think the options are, but as of Sunday, there were no real options other than living the remaining days to the fullest. If the prognosis stays the same, I have my fingers crossed that they will jump in their RV and come down for a visit.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Diary Monday....

Other than the wonderful party at Shanes and the awesome cheesecake and salad that Toni brought to me, my weekend was FUCKING HORRIBLE.

Let's start with Friday. I woke up and had to call my Mom about a family situation, and she was looking for a fight and I walked right into it. So, that pretty my colored my morning. Then Dylan and I were out doing some shopping and I get an "anonymous" call on my cell phone and it ends up being a CSR from my Minnesota CALL CENTER! After her lengthy explanation as to why she is calling, I explain I am ON VACATION AND SHE IS CALLING ON MY FUCKING CELL PHONE! She then proceeds to start apologizing profusely, but the day was pretty much fucked by that point. I then had to call my work and find out that a co-worker of mine is having some problems with my account, I leave him my cell phone number....and he never calls back. I should have just gone home at that point and gone back to bed. Oh and I also found out that my old big boss from P5 had passed away, which is always sad.

Saturday was absolutely no better. I got up and spent most of my morning and afternoon at my cousin's house who just got home after a 2.5 month stay in the hospital, then took my Mom to get some of her shopping done. Then when I got home, I had time to get ready for the party and go. Thank Gawd for wonderful friends, great food, great atmosphere, and FUN. It was relaxing and enjoyable.

Sunday, I got up and just did not feel like doing anything. My moom was still shitty, I hadn't slept much the night before, and just didn't feel like doing anything....which ended up being a good thing because it gave Dylan a chance to sleep most of the day and catch up on any sleep he had not been getting. I wish I could have said I enjoyed it, but I was still so angry at how shitty the rest of the "birthday weekend" turned out that I really didn't relax at all....which then carried over to me trying to sleep last night. "Trying" was the optimal word in that phrase.

Here is to a better week....