Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I have discovered Hell, I woke up with it pounding in my head this morning. I sucked it up and made it into work but due to the migraine distracting me, I totally missed my turn to my building and so had to go around several blocks to get back to the Parking Terrace. I was not late, but I hate a migraine that causes me to do stupid things like that....AND at the start of the day. I have taken a couple of pills and I hope that they kick in here pretty quick.

I was going to the gym yesterday, but by the time I got home I was just totally exhausted. I lounged on the couch, Dylan made dinner and fed the animals, and then I played with the dogs for a little while, took a bath, read for a bit, then went to bed and I slept like I have not slept in a very long time. The next time I woke up it was when my alarm was going off this morning. I think exhaustion is finally creeping up on me!!!

This week is turning into a busy one. Tonight we are taking Dylan's Dad out to dinner for his birthday, tomorrow I have a nail appointment, Thursday I plan on taking my Mom shopping, Friday is when Dylan and I are going shopping, Saturday I am planting all of the plants we have purchased and grown, Sunday....well, Sunday is up in the air. I might clean, I will definetly be doing laundry, not sure what else. I do know it will be a nice and relaxing day, regardless of what happens because that is how I am going to make it.

My desk at work is FINALLY becoming more personalized. I brought in my CAT calendar, my Cat Buddha, my HUGE coffee mug, and a few pictures. Not totally "mine" yet, but we are getting there.....!