Friday, October 01, 2004

Dear Diary Friday...

Happy October 1st!!!

I came into work this morning with the smell of Autumn in the air and my desk decorated to high heaven with Halloween stuff! I have floating pumpkins and ghosts over my head, spiderwebs everywhere, candy, tombstones, and the most adorable votive holders and GUMMY STICKERS ON MY COMPUTER! You know I am not going to be able to be unhappy OR grumpy with all of this good stuff!

Well, I went at lunch and got a new hair color after calling my hair stylist....who proceeded to laugh wickedly at me and told me what to get. I got home, went to the gym, made it home again and re-colored my hair and Dylan went to get us dinner. It is not a BEAUTIFUL shade of golden highlights. It is lighter than normal, but I no longer have a blue-grey cast about my locks....thank the Goddess. Dylan's mom then came over and learned how to take care of our animals, as she will be "in charge" while he and are in Vegas. I usually have my folks take care of the animals, but both of my parents are very nervous with our big dog.

Speaking of my folks, my mom is back smoking. She was having so many "nervous" problems that she has decided to start smoking again, get her nerves under control, and then stop again. She has already proven she can quit by herself, so I am not too concerned at this point. And if I make a huge issue out of her smoking, she will NEVER quit again.

Weekend is shaping up really nicely. I am definitely hanging out with the Poors on Friday. Saturday, Dylan has to work ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT so I am going to clean, clean, clean and also decorate for Halloween! Sunday is still up in the air, so I might just make it a "Lorene Day" and do my nails and give myself a pedicure and do some other really girlie things that I love. However, I might also just go window shopping or maybe even stand on my head in a corner for 8 hours....really don't know right now.

I hope you are all planning on having a wonderful, wonderful weekend and take good care of yourselves.

Connie, I hope you and the brood are feeling better!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday...

I wish I could say that this has been a good week, but that would be lying, especially last night. I got home last night and decided to take a night off from the gym and get some laundry done....because Dylan and I had a bunch. I started doing the laundry, fed the kids, got the kitchen cleaned and straightened up, and the entire time my cat Reagan decided that she either needed to be on the kitchen table OR the counter....both areas which are off limits to the cats. I yelled at her, I spanked her, I even hit her with a wooden spoon and NOTHING seemed to detract her interest in being on one of them. Couple that with the fact the Helga Joe is now out of her "honeymoon" period with us and is getting into as much trouble as she can find! Well, I decided that in all of the cleaning and straightening that I would put a color on my hair...not a good idea. It turned parts of my hair BLUE.....a really dark vibrant shade of blue, but not exactly the color I was going for. I let it dry and then did a "fix" on it which took another 20 minutes! By the time Dylan got home I was sitting on the couch downstairs with a HUGE glass of the crappiest wine, but I did not care. Thankfully today my hair looks normal, the house is still in order, and the animals are keeping a few paces away from me.

And next week Dylan and I are going to Vegas for three days....three days that I am now really looking forward to just so I can be away from animals and people that I know. My "depression" has moved into the crab-ass stage and so it is hard to keep it from boiling up and on to other people. I am hoping going away for a few days and just relaxing without any concerns will help me get my head on straight because at this point, nothing else is working.

I am looking forward to a Friday evening possibly with the Poors. Michelle and I are starting our Halloween month out with seeing a horror movie and then dinner. I find nothing to be more entertaining than Michelle and I in a horror movie, hanging on to each other, screaming, and totally embarrassing out men!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday...

It was a good weekend. Friday after work, Dylan and I went to dinner, did some things in connection with the house, and just window shopped....and I got my Halloween costume! I am going as the "Undead" this year and I hope that Dylan is too as we are still trying to look for his costume. I am going as a Vampyre and hopefully, he will be going as my zombie slave....but we'll see. Unfortunately we had to come home a little early because Dylan had the mother of all migraines and it would not even let up.

Saturday Dylan and I spent the morning putting away all of the Summer stuff and just doing a bit of cleaning outdoors. We then went to see "Hero" and did a bit more windowshopping and then dinner and then home because I was just exhausted.

Today I spent the entire morning getting the yard ready for winter....putting on fertilizer, trimming all of the plants down, all of that fun stuff. Then the folks and I went to Mac's as they are closing! Unfortunately what they had sucked and was not really a bargain. I then have since got dinner going and fed the animals...pretty lazy day. I am doing a "Harvest Chicken" for dinner which is a whole chicken with a bunch of herbs, onions, celery, butter and BEER. It will be moist and very tender. With that I am going to have some scalloped potatoes and for dessert I made mint chocolate cookies. Since Dylan has not had a good Sunday so far, I am hoping it will make him a bit more happy.

This week I have a lot on my plate, and most of it involves working on completely alleviating myself of this depression. I am going to be going to the gym every night, I am going to get this house completely clean and I am going to be putting out my Halloween decorations. I will also, hopefully, be helping plan both of the Halloween get togethers.....that usually ALWAYS get me out of a slump doing anything for Halloween!!!

Much love and energy out to Toni....she is still fighting the sickness that kicked her butt this week. Send her everything you have so that she can get her own energy back.

And much love to Dee....a NEW HOMEOWNER!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!