Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

And this is why Toni is my bestest friend in the whole world.....she is willing to listen to a crazy-ass stunt of mine, agree to do it, and then we go!

Yep, I came in to work this morning and there was a baby bird on the ground in the underground parking. I picked it up and hid it under some bushes while the mama bird screamed at me. I ran in and e-mailed Toni, convincing her to help me put the baby bird back in the next. We went outside, moved my Vue to underneath the nest, I got on top of the Vue and had Toni DRIVE ME AROUND until I was in the perfect spot, she got the baby, I put it in the nest...all is well in the world. Yep, Toni and I had a P5 parade in the underground parking and nobody came!!!

Mom is doing much, much better. She had her staples out on Friday and almost broke my hand having them removed. The doctor could not be more pleased with her progress, other than the fungal infection she has, which will be cleared up in no time. She still has to be "good" for four weeks, but she is feeling much better and getting her energy back. Soon she will be up and ready to start going shopping for wedding stuff with me....and I think she is looking forward to it!!!!

Daddy spent the day chopping the top off of their cherry tree...it looks so strange. I think I am going to talk him into taking it completely out this weekend...that is how bad it currently looks. I am pretty sure he has killed it.

Thank you again to Chet and Shane for such a wonderful evening last Thursday....just what I needed. Good food and wonderful company.