Friday, April 25, 2003

Dear Diary Friday...

Well, diary, Thursday started out VERY entertaining. At about 9:30 in the morning, I get a call from my mom, the conversation is as follows:

"Hi mom, what's up?"
In a hysterical sobbing format, "I wrecked the car!"
"What do you mean you wrecked the car, are you alright?"
Still hysterical, "I am fine! I wrecked the car!!"

Okay, I am now panicked as I can not think of WHY my parents are even out driving as there are NO doctor appointments! Well, she explains that they had to drive the dogs down to the haircut appointment.

"So, what did you hit?"
"The Morrison's truck...."

Okay, my mind is odd is that that when you are out driving, out of all of the vehicles you could hit, you hit a neighbor! But NO!! My mom did not even make it 20 freakin' feet from the house when she hit our neighbors PARKED TRUCK! Yep, that's the truth. The story is that my dad was in the backseat with the dogs, the dogs decided to jump into the front seat with my mother, my one dog got his collar hooked on something and so, my mom insticitvely reached out to help the choking dog, which meant BOTH of her hands came off of the wheel AND SO DID HER EYES come off of her driving, our car veered into the park truck. Here is part of the sad story...very little damage to the truck, cracked the wheel cover, which will be about $40.00, HOWEVER, we will need to replace all of the panels and molding on the entire passenger side....won't be getting the car back until next week. The other sad part, after they hit the truck, my dad.....who just had EYE SURGERY and has CATARACTS IN BOTH EYES, continued the driving down to drop the dogs off and then came BACK! Amazing that as blind as he did he managed to get into zero accidents! And the saddest part of the whole mom swears she is never driving again and I did not think I was ever getting her out of the house and the whole stupid accident has made her stomach a horrible mess.

Okay, rest of the's eye appointment with the doctor was on Wednesday and his macular hole surgery was a complete success. We are going to wait a couple of months to start the cataract surgery.

Took today off work to run the folks down to drop the car off AND spend some time with Dylan.

Tomorrow I have vet appointments AND pulling out two trees.

Sunday my niece is being blessed and we are still in discussions about whether we are going.

Wanna trade weeks?

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Well, diary, wish I could say a lot of exciting things have happened, but that would just an out and out lie. So, how about a list of things that get me stirred up in the morning:

1) If you kill your wife and unborn child, don't be a fucking drama queen, step up and be a man and admit to it! You might get a lesser sentence, DUMBASS!

2) If you don't like us coming into YOUR country, bombing everything in site that we SUSPECT might be linked to Saddam Hussein, then move out! It's our now, right?????

3) If you ask somebody to help you with a project, you don't like how they helped you, don't be an ass to them over it. If you didn't want their involvement, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKING ASKED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

4) Eggs colored something other than white taste better and I don't care what anybody else says.

5) I don't like pork, but I do like ham when I cook figure it out. Somehow, when I cook it, it no longer comes from a pig in my mind. HOWEVER, I don't care WHO cooks pork chops, they are still yucky.

6) I put in, daily, 1.5 to 3 hours extra.....unpaid....fully comp time. If I decide to get approval to leave early on Fridays and you don't like it....fuck off.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday....