Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dear Diary Thursday....

Well, Dylan and I got a hold of our loan officer yesterday and we have locked in our rate. I also got a hold of my insurance agent, so our homeowners insurance is now set up. We are finished. The only thing left to do is the appraisal on the 19th and then we sign papers on July 2nd. We are finished, WE HAVE A HOME! There are a few things I plan on changing...namely painting a couple of rooms and removing the wallpaper from the bathroom and the kitchen, but other than that, the home is in perfect shape. I am not sure exactly when we "move in" but it doesn't matter at this point...Dylan and I are moving on to the next phase of our life and we are both looking forward to it. It will be nice going to sleep with him in our bed, waking up to him every morning...and I know a lot of you never thought you would hear me say that, but it is true. Plus, this house is large enough that I can make him go away for a few hours!!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Dear Diary Wednesday,

I have awakened each morning of this week with a headache. I am positive it is because of the funky way that I have been sleeping, so I am trying to break a bad habit. However, it is a complicated bad habit because I am doing it WHEN I SLEEP! I tend to twist my upper body one way and then my lower body the opposite direction. Fun for while I am sleeping, painful for when I awaken.

I had a melt down last night....I was in bed by 8:00 pm because I was just so exhausted. I even went to bed and totally forgot to take my make up off, which I never do.

I am looking forward to the Retirement Party over at the Netzler residence on Saturday. It will be great to finally see Toni's Grandpa retired and enjoying some well deserved time off. And he is going to be sooooo excited for his surprise from Toni and Rob!!! That will be the best part of the whole weekend!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Dear Diary Sunday, part two...

WE GOT THE HOUSE! Yes, our offer has been accepted! Now we meet with the loan agent tomorrow, after that the papers will be dropped off to us and we can sign everything and then Dylan and I WILL HAVE A HOUSE! Chet and Shane have already done a "drive by" to inspect the potential new residence and I could not be more thrilled then to have my two boys taking a look at it. Did I mention that WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!

Oh, and dinner tonight was great. I made "drunken chicken" which my family went CRAZY over!

1 Can of beer (your choice)
Favorite fresh herbs
1 whole chicken

Clean chicken, cut tips of wings off. Pat dry and rub down with salt and pepper and garlic salt and any other seasonings your like. Pour out about 3 tablespoons of the beer, place your fresh herbs inside ( I used sage and rosemary) and then place can of beer inside cavity of chicken...It will look like the chicken is sitting on the can of beer with the beer up it's butt. Place chicken and beer EVENLY on barbecue rack so that it does not fall over and let cook for 1.5 hours. I suggest checking on chicken periodically just to make sure it is still standing up with the beer can and has not fallen. Remove the can of beer CAREFULLY and eat.

I also did corn on the cob, fresh green salad, roasted soy onions, and baked potatoes.....All done on the barbecue. The family just about could not get enough of the chicken. Next time I am going to use a can of cherry coke or coca cola.....I'll let you know.

Oh, and did I mention how excited I was that WE GOT THE HOUSE??????!!!

Dear Diary Sunday...

Mom's birthday was a great deal of fun. I got her cake (Neapolitan with whipped cream frosting) and then to dinner, (IHOP, don't ask) and then family came over. Dylan and I decided to go and look at my neighbors house that has been on the market, and well, we both totally fell in love with it. We called the realtor and she scheduled a meeting with us on Friday. Well, Friday rolls around and I am heading to the meeting and I get a call from my supervisors brother....who is a real estate agent and builder, and he is concerned for Dylan and I and explained the whole "A seller of a house can not be looking out for your best interest and get you the best deal as your buyer" which totally made sense. We now have an agent and he is wonderful. We met with him Friday night at his house, the papers are signed, the offer was faxed....and we have not even QUALIFIED YET! We are meeting with a loan officer on Monday. And believe it or not, yesterday, we got a counter offer. Even if this were not to happen, Dylan and I are grateful for the many things we are learning....and for the continuous support and love of our friends and family.

Yesterday, Dylan and I spent the day running to our usual haunts, eating Del Taco AND Chili's, going to see our "potential" new cats, and going out to sign papers on the counter offer. We got to go and do things we have not done in a very long time and did not have to think about going to see houses. It was so very relaxing and comforting not to feel like we had this weight on our we have a new kind of weight!

Speaking of weight, the weight in at WW went great...down another 2.4 pounds and I could not be more happy. I am sure I put that back on at Del Taco and Chili's but it just felt so good to relax and not worry about my food that I enjoyed it more than I should have.

Oh, and I have messed my back up....AGAIN! I am going to be trying to see Dylan's Chiropractor this week to get an adjustment. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today I am going shopping the whole day with Mom and then I need to figure out what I am making for dinner. I was thinking about "drunk chicken" on the bbq, but we will see.

To digress, I just want to say again how very grateful I am to have such wonderful and positive friendships in my life. Everyone has been ( now I am getting teary eyed) so very wonderful with helping Dylan and I out, keeping out attitudes up beat, helping us out with all of your experiences. The Goddess was at her finest the day that she brought all of you into my life and I love you all very, very much.