Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear Diary Friday....

THE WEEKEND IS HERE....or almost. I am only working until about 10:45 this morning and then headed home to do some MAJOR overhauling to my yard. The huge shrub that runs down the entire length of my yard on the west side is getting a haircut, and the bushes in my backyard will also be getting major haircuts. THEN, if I have time, I am going to tar up a spot on my garage roof that a 3x3" part of shingle blew off....I have no desire to rip up 6 shingles just to replace a corner of one that is missing....easier to tar.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing a quick cleaning of my house, then after Dylan get's up, we are going to do a bit of shopping, grab some grub, and head home for our UFC Pay-Per-View that I am EXTREMELY excited to watch since a couple of my favorite fighters are going to be on it. YAY FOR MATT SERA!!!!

Sunday, not sure but I am hoping it will involve a whole bunch of fun and a few minor details about getting ready for the trip. And yes, I am completely excited about this trip AND the plane ride. Not even remotely scared or even anxious over it....I think I am finally ready to do this.

Happy Weekend to Everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Color of the day : White - purity and protection

The weight in, last night, at WW went okay. I was even from last week, which actually made me happy as I thought after Saturday night I would be up a whole bunch, and Dylan was down a bit. The sad news is that Dylan is getting very frustrated with this diet because he is not seeing the results he was hoping to see. Regardless, I love him and think he is sexy just the way he is now.

After that, we stopped and grabbed some dinner and headed home to eat, as Dylan had to go into work early. We got him ready to go and off to work and I did just a few things around the house...mostly involving checking to make sure that doors and windows were all locked, in case somebody wanted to break into my house during the night (see for details of home invasion robbery in my neighborhood). It was nice to have a night where I could relax, read, watch t.v. and not feel obligated to take care of anything or anyone.

Tonight Dylan does not have to go into work so we are going to probably either make dinner, or grab Cafe Rio, and enjoy our time together. There are a couple of things I would like to get done tonight, but I am not going to stress out if they don't get completed.

Keep in mind, only today, tomorrow, and then Friday and then WEEKEND!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Last night was just too busy for me. I got to my folks house and had to take my Mom mega-shopping. While doing that, I get a call from Dylan begging me to bring him his lunch since he was putting in a 14 hour day. So, I finished up the shopping, took my Mom home and helped her do a few things around the house, ran over to my house and got the cats fed, grabbed his lunch and ran it to his work. Unfortunately as I was coming home, I had to sit at the train crossing for about 45 minutes, could not move because I was in a line of about 90 other people, so we all just waited. By the time I got home, I then had to feed the dogs and the house was up to about 78 degrees. So, I went outside and uncovered the air conditioner, got that going and decided I needed to make my dinner. I finally managed to sit down and eat dinner at about 8:30-9:00 pm, which I normally would not have done but I was actually really, really hungry. It was tooo long of a day for me!

Tonight is WW and then I am hoping to do some relaxing. I picked up some new dye for my hair, which I would like to try before we go to Maui, so I might actually do that, but I am going to play it by ear. With my luck I probably will need to do some shoveling of snow or something.....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

After work on Friday, and last week was not a good week because I had gotten pretty tired of a few co-workers AND was needing some personal space, I took the parent's to Costco to get some shopping done. It was really nice just hanging out with them, there was no hurry, we just had a great time.

Saturday I got up and had to take them to get their taxes, and then after getting home I got to MOW THE LAWN! Unless you are a homeowners, you probably do not understand the joy of being able to mow the lawn for the first time every Spring. It was my declaration that winter is over, it is time to throw the windows open, air the house out, and start planting. It was AWESOME!

After working on my lawn, Dylan and I headed over to Chet and Shanes for a nice get together. The get together was EXACTLY what I needed to get my energy back in line and get a better attitude. It was unbelievably fun and I had the opportunity to even meet a few new people. I also got to mend/restart a friendship with an old aquaintance that I can see building to a very solid platform. It was nice to talk things out with someone in a comfortable situation...two people coming to each other to call a truce and let the past go.

Sunday I was still battling the headache that I had on Friday and Saturday and it only intensified. I ended up putting an ice pack on my head/neck for all of the day and just relaxing. I did manage to get up on Sunday morning and get a huge batch of chicken salad made for our lunches this week, which was kind of nice.

The week looks good. I have a better attitude and am looking forward to getting a lot accomplished this week, at home and at work. Oh, and only 15 more days until MAUI!!!