Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Good day...

Well, things are going great at work. I am now the "Research Specialist" on my team, so I am no longer on the phones. I will take calls when there are calls holding, but that is it. I am working on everybody's research...pulling claims, researching adjustments, processing, you name it. I am basically an assistant supervisor, but without the ability to spank people...which I think would be a very dangerous aspect to my job if they ever allowed that. So, I am far more busy than I have ever been, but enjoying it much more.

So, does anybody else but me seem to be getting more and more demands on their time at the end of this year?

Going to a hockey game tonight with Dylan. I love hockey. There is nothing that I enjoy more than watching grown men beat the holy hell out of each other, threaten to skate over each other, and accidentally punch a ref. God, blood is great!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2001

Good day

I don't HAVE to fix the previous blog because I am not ANAL!!

The weekend was not good. I went home sick from work on Friday with one of the worst colds....nose would not stop running no matter what I did. Then I spent Saturday trying to clean, nose still running, getting exhausted from the easiest task. Then Sunday, hung out with Dylan and visited the new Gateway Project...which when completed, will be wonderful! Dylan was not nearly as impressed as I was, but you have to love a place that is 1) outside, 2) very ritzy when located across the street from the homeless shelter, and 3) has a fountain created by the same people that did the Bellagio in Vegas! Anyways, I think it will be much more beautiful at night, so I will have to go again.

Also had the opportunity to see "Along Came a Spider" and was impressed. It might have to do with the fact that I am in love with Morgan Freeman, but I loved that show! I strongly suggest renting it if you haven't.

Work is going well. I had a nervous stomache thinking that things would be bad with me getting a new position, but it has been okay so far. However, the day is still young....