Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Yesterday was a bad day. I sent out an e-mail to two supervisors giving my opinion on something that I felt was very crucial....and got an e-mail back from the big boss belittling me in front of the two previous supervisors for giving my opinion. I ended up so mad that I actually shed tears. The days that I hate working here are outweighting the days that I don't. After the wedding and honeymoon, I am actively seeking other employement because it is just not worth my energy to be in a job that I actually get up every morning and try to find reasons not to come in to.

After work, I picked up my Mom and we went to Costco and Wal-Mart. I was planning on going to bed early, but unfortunately things did not turn out that way. After I finally got home, I had to do some things around the house and so I finally turned in at around 9:00, fell asleep at about 10:00....not nearly enough when you get up at 3:00. So for three days now, I am running on approximately 9 hours of sleep...not a real good things.

Tonight Dylan and I are going to go and pay our judge for the wedding....and then I am officially through with anything wedding related. I am trying to free up as much time for us to have Friday to just go play and not do anything that is wedding related....hopefully. I think we are either going to Park City or going to see a movie, then over to the Netzlers for the Pot Luck.

Oh, I heard from Connie yesterday and her Mom's heart surgery has been delayed until Thursday due to the doctor having an emergency surgery with somebody else. Connie's poor mom!! I would hate to get myself all mentally prepared for surgery, go to the hospital and start the prep work, only to be told...."Just kidding!" Send Connie, her Mom, and her family all of your energy and love......

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dear Diary Tuesday...

If I could get more than a couple of hours of sleep, I would be a happy girl!!

After work yesterday, I went to the gym and then Dylan and I delivered the dress to the Poors and then he had to take me home because my head was going to explode. I decided to go over and visit my folks, and that is when IT happened. IT being the Daddy/Daughter pre-wedding, "Does he really make you happy", "Is this really what you want" talk. Yeah, it was buckets of fun but it is also something that I know that my Daddy has been wanting to do. He was not able to do that to his other daughter and the rest of his biological children are boys so he has been antsy to have this talk with me. It really was a good talk and I walked away knowing that my Daddy feels better and it is out of the way. Unfortunately, I was over there so long that I didn't get to bed a damn bit early and so I am dragging ass again this morning!!!!!

Weekend is on the way and I am looking forward to it. I think Dylan and I are going to be visiting Park City, going to the Super Pet Adoption, going over to the Netzlers, and just doing some much needed relaxing this weekend. I think I might even be able to finish all the Fall yard work AND clean the house so Dylan doesn't need to worry about it...but we will see....

Monday, September 12, 2005

Dear Diary Monday...

Oh, the weekend was great!

We went to the Fair on Friday and it was marvelous! I ate great food, hung out with awesome people, and just totally relaxed. The Fair seemed smaller this year, but it didn't matter in the least because it was just nice to be able to be in good company.

Saturday I spent doing a bit of housework, a bit of yard work, and just putsying around. Sunday I spent getting all of the backyard flower bed's pulled and new Fall plants put in. The weekend was just relaxing and a great time to get caught up around the house and yard.

This week I am going to be spending time just making sure everything is ready for the wedding. Shane has checked, double checked, and TRIPLE checked on everything with the catering and rentals so I have no fear there. The girls have their dressed, the boys have their ties, the tuxes are ordered. I now just need to take a map to the place that is doing our cake, get our marriage license to the judge and pay him, get my hair done, get my nails done, and we are good to go. I know as it gets closer, things will pop up so I want plenty of time.

Oh, speak of marriage licenses....we got ours on Friday and Dylan was very proud of me that I did not vomit OR loose control of the bowels. I was a bit nauseated but thrilled that it was over and done with so quickly....let's hope the wedding runs the same way!!!