Saturday, September 21, 2002

Long, freaky trip.....

Long week, but an educational one.

As you have read off of Dylan's blog, his grandfather passed away Thursday night. After spending every night at the hospital with him, talking to him, holding his hand and rubbing his back, silently giggling to myself because he asked Dylan the same question every time, "So Dylan, where are you working now?" and knowing that Dylan was getting an education in patience, he peacefully and painfully left us for another existence. Dylan's father and I both noticed he was slipping quickly and made sure that the family was gathered around his side when he took his final breath. It was not hard watching him as he left, as he had mentally passed away hours earlier, but it was hard watching his family struggle between the grief of losing a family member to being happy that he was no longer in pain and in a much better place, with his sight and lots and lots of people to hear his endless stories. I did discover, to my delight, that Dylan's grandmother is one of the strongest women on the earth. I have not always liked, or respected her, but she earned both from me in boat loads now.

Today is "Fuck you! I am relaxing" kinda day. I got up, made my bed and straightened my room, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and have done not a damn thing that is productive. The most productive I have been is waiting patiently for a "certain person" to call me, which she did. Oh, and tonight is the annual Haunted Housing event and now I have confirmed the Poors will be there as well. If you get a chance, please tell them Happy Anniversary!!

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Let's catch up.....

Work has I have been going insane trying to keep caught up and the chic behind me who continues to whine and grunt does not make anything easier. However, vengance was mine. She had to go in for a CAT scan of the abdomen today due to the roll over accident she was in. So she had to drink banana flavored barium one hour before she went. If you have never had barium, it is liquid radioactive chalk dye and it is more nasty than anything else in the world!!! Anyways I made her drink the one entire bottle full of it, she was gagging, trying not to throw up, crying....but we made it through. She then had to drink the next one.....she kept going until she vomitted...not once but twice. She couldn't handle anymore and that is when I told her that they probably wouldn't require her to drink both of them, but it was good she got the quantity down she I mean?

Everyday after work this week has been a project of some kind. Unfortunately, one of the things I have been doing is visiting Dylan's great grandfather who is in the hospital with kidney failure. It has been enjoyable, just because I love Dylan and his entire family so very much and his grandfather is an amazing person. However, it has left me with running on about two hours of sleep each night with all of the stuff I have been doing. Usually, I can aclimate to the situation, but for some strange reason my system is not doing that this time and I am suffering exhaustion (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and a major migraine tonight. However, I would do this and more all over again for Dylan. And...he sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in the entire world today, which was much appreciated with the hell day I had. Oh speaking of hell day.....ask Dylan how bad his HELL DAY WAS!!!

Looks like a very good turn out for the Rocky Pointe Haunted House on Saturday! I absolutely can not wait to go with everyone, even though JJ and Brad will get to see first hand how big of a wuss I am!

Did I tell you all my dog Tobee has also been sick? Yeah, that has been fun too!!!!

Okay, I am gonna go and get my laundry completed, take a bubble bath, call my honey, and go to sleep early. Another big day at work tomorrow!!!

Monday, September 16, 2002

Monday, Monday, Monday.....

Good part of Sunday was the call from Grace. By the way, she is doing lovely, having a fantastic time, will be home late on Friday and hopes to see everybody in the short amount of time she is going to be in town.

Today was the typical Monday, but with a better attitude from me. I am trying to be less of a monster in the morning, even though I am sure that is just a personality quirk I will never get over. If you didn't know, I am not human, closer to demonic, before 10:00 am....and unfortunately, diet coke is no longer helping me wake up quicker. I can achieve a lot in the morning, I just do not want to hold any type of conversation. A few co-workers have discovered a bad way.

Anyways, I accomplished a lot today, but by the end of the day the mound of paperwork I had gone through and somehow miraculously procreated and I have a mound twice the size to deal with tomorrow! The only thing that is keeping me in a good mood is knowing that I get to go to a haunted house on Saturday! Oh and that my MUCH OLDER SISTER will be another year older than me on Friday....tee hee hee hee!!

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Ah shoot!

I ended up running to my room last night and praying to the Goddess to either have me sleep or take me to a better place. Right around 7:45 pm I got the worst headache and it just kept building. I went to bed, taking two Tylenol PM's and woke up about every 45 minutes from the headache. I finally went out cold at about 4:00 am and was up by 7:30 this morning and the stupid headache is trying to return! So, I won't be hitting the Gateway with the folks today. I am gonna be taking it easy. I plan on making ham and potatoe soup, cleaning the hamster cage, cleaning the upstairs bathroom, and relaxing...I hope!!!